These Official Citroen Ami 'Decorative Graphics' Are...Wow

Citroen has added some new liveries to the Ami's various personalisation options and given some examples of how a bespoke design might look
These Official Citroen Ami 'Decorative Graphics' Are...Wow

Judging by our little jaunt around Coventry in a Citroen Ami, the little thing is going to create a stir wherever it goes on UK roads. But if for whatever reason, you think it needs some help in garnering attention from the general public, Citroen has your back.

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The French manufacturer has added no less than six new “decorative graphics” to the Ami’s roster of personalisation options. They’re called: ‘Tutti Fruitti’, ‘British Globetrotter’, ‘ Camo’, ‘Tribe’ and ‘Trendy’.

These Official Citroen Ami 'Decorative Graphics' Are...Wow

As if all that wasn’t enough, customers can also “engage their inner creative side” thanks to a partnership between Citroen and Faab Fabricauto. The press pack includes a couple of examples of custom liveries - ‘I Love My Cats’ and ‘Flames’, each of which look like the sort of thing you’d see on one of those adverts alongside some Nicholas Cage-themed pyjama bottoms. As… wow as these designs are, we’re sure some buyers will come up with stuff that’s even more eye-popping.

These Official Citroen Ami 'Decorative Graphics' Are...Wow

We’re still waiting for confirmation of the kind of customisation options that’ll be available in the UK, along with a price. The expectation is for it to cost around £6,000, and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting an equivalent of the €19.95 a month lease deal available on the other side of the Channel.

This hasn’t stopped Citroen racking up 1,000 orders in the space of two weeks since the UK reservation process opened. Interested parties were invited to put down a £250 refundable resevervation fee ahead of deliveries kicking off in 2022.

Would you be tempted to pay £6k for one of these adorable quadricycles?


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