The Suzuki Jimny Has Lost Two Seats So It Can Stay Alive

The Jimny is being reintroduced in Europe as a commercial vehicle, just a couple of months on from the passenger version being taken off sale
The Suzuki Jimny Has Lost Two Seats So It Can Stay Alive

Don’t be fooled by the Suzuki Jimny‘s adorable looks - this pint-sized off-roader hides a dirty secret. Its 1.5-litre, naturally-aspirated belches out 170g/km of CO2 in automatic form (154 for the manual), which is diabolical for a small, 101bhp engine these days.

To put those numbers in context, the 369bhp BMW M340i is - according to its official figures, at least - cleaner. This is a problem given how late to the electrification party Suzuki is - with the Jimny around, it has no hope of achieving the new EU-mandated 95g/km fleet average. And so, a couple of months ago, the Jimny was removed from sale in Europe. But it’s already making a return, albeit with a few crucial differences.

The Suzuki Jimny Has Lost Two Seats So It Can Stay Alive

The rear seats have gone, as the sole Jimny available in Europe is now is classed as a light commercial vehicle - the EU fleet average target for which is a more lenient 147g/km. The ditching of that dinky rear bench (which is only of use for small children, realistically) means there’s a flat floor, making loading easier. It also provides an additional 33 litres of space compared to a passenger Jimny with the seats folded flat, giving a total of 863 litres of capacity back there.

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Otherwise, it’s all as per the one Suzuki was forced to discontinue. It’ll be just as good as negotiating the rough stuff, with the same ladder frame, three-link rigid axle suspension and part-time four-wheel drive system. The safety gear - including autonomous emergency braking - is carried over too, with the addition of the eCall emergency messaging function.

The Suzuki Jimny Has Lost Two Seats So It Can Stay Alive

The best part is it’ll be possible to claim the VAT back on a Jimny commercial in the UK, so if the starting price is similar to the £15,499 charged for the normal version, this lil’ load-lugger will have serious bargain potential.




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Tomislav Celić

I live near a dude who bought the passenger one.

He literally lost 0% of the cars value due to high demand and no more supply.

09/09/2020 - 16:13 |
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