Readers' Rides: Kyle's Saab 900 Turbo & 900 Cabriolet

In the second installment of our Readers' Rides series, Kyle gives us the full low-down on his Saab obsession

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Last week, Car Throttle reader Jamie gave us the full low-down on his stunning BMW E92 M3. We then asked you guys to get in contact if you wanted to see your car featured, and the response has been incredible. We've got V8s, inline-6s, import cars and plenty more to come, but today, it's the turn of Saab-mad Kyle. Over to you:

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Now, I know what you're thinking. Why Saab? What makes me a Saab enthusiast?

My father worked for Saab for nearly 20 years. Every month I would see a different model in the driveway. I would see classic 900s, NG900s, 9000s, 9-3s, and on very rare occasions he would bring home the owner's 9-3 Viggen. What really got me started was his '83 Classic 900 Turbo 5 speed; almost 300k miles on the clock and black with red velvet interior - stunning.

From that day forward, I vowed that I would own a Saab like his, if not better. To this day, I have owned almost 10 Saabs in my four years of driving. Saab ownership really is a way of life.

Current car #1 - 1998 NG900 SE Turbo

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I have just picked up this gem. 110k miles, 5 speed with the B204L Turbo motor. She needs work, but in a month's time she'll have all of the upgrades done that I have set aside...TD04 19T, Stage 4 tune...and more.

Current car #2 - 1989 C900 Turbo Cab

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The cabrio, or as I like to call it the FrankenSaab. I bought it for $600 (£375) with 185k on the clock thinking I could flip it to make a quick buck. Turns out, she flipped me. Day after day, I contemplate selling her, but when the sun comes out and I put the top down, I quickly disregard those thoughts.

Previous car #3 - NG900 Turbo Stage 2

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When I sold Volkswagens about a year ago, one of our lot attendants called me up and said: "Hey, there's this Saab up at our trade in lot, go look at it!". Naturally, I dropped everything that I was doing and high tailed it to the lot. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, this vehicle was totaled about two weeks ago thanks to a 1999 Volkswagen Passat running a red light and taking her away from me. She had a Stage 2 ECU tune by Mike D, Viggen Crossflow intercooler, genuine Saab open air intake, and a loud, vicious Saab sports exhaust system. These upgrades will be going on my black 900.

Previous car #2 - 1993 Classic 900 S

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This was purchased as a snow bunny. I paid $675 (£422) in running shape at 123k miles. Little to my knowledge at the time, the 900 had sat for five years prior to me owning it. We ALL KNOW what happens to cars that sit for long periods of time. Stuff starting breaking on it, and $5000 later, she was satisfied. Fun car, very peppy for a 2.1-litre n/a five-speed.

Previous car #1 - 1989 Classic 900 Base

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The Saab that kicked off my addiction. I bought her from the original owner at 107k miles, in which some would have considered showroom condition. It was like stepping into a time capsule. The only flaw with this vehicle was its Borg Warner three-speed automatic. At 3500rpms at 70mph, it really sounded like a scene from Vietnam, so I sold her in order to get my '98 NG900 SE.

If reading this has stirred any emotions about your car and you think we should feature it, email with a pic and a few words explaining why you love it so much. If we like it, expect to get mad bragging rights with your mates!


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