GTA V Smashes Records To Take $800 Million On First Day

GTA V's massive budget has more than paid off thanks to incredible first-day sales


It's no secret that we were more than a bit excited about the launch of GTA V here at CT. It would seem we weren't the only ones, as the fifth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise has smashed records to take a massive $800m on the first day.

gta v

That's thought to work out at around 10-12 million copies, in just a single day. The previous first-day record was set by Call of Duty Black Ops II last November at $500 million, which has been made to look pretty pedestrian compared to what GTA V has achieved this week.


What this means is that GTA V has already made back its monstrous budget - the biggest of any video game and bigger than most films ever made - three times over.

Bravo Rockstar games, time to crack out the champagne.


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