Car Mods That Will Destroy Your Insurance Premiums

Car mods are a bit like Marmite - you either love them or hate them. But will your insurer punish you for those rims?

Youngsters have got something of a love/hate relationship with car modding. Whether it's detesting rudeboy neons or loving the act of getting down and dirty installing those 18" alloys on low-profile tyres. But there's a very simple rule of thumb when thinking of modifying your vehicle without harming your insurance premium, and that is whether your vehicle will be a high risk for theft or accident.

And let's be honest, no-one wants to be paying out of their rear for insurance.

Always think like the insurance company, if you or your vehicle is considered a high risk then your premiums will be inflated. From a business stand point this is completely understandable and that is why before you do any modifications, speak to your insurance company first.

Each insurance company works differently; some won't even consider covering vehicles with modifications, while others will insure the vehicle at a higher premium. There is one very important rule though, no matter how small you think your modification is whether you have a trade plan insurance policy or a private policy, always advise your insurer. Failure to do so can see you with a void policy, not the ideal situation when you have been involved in an accident.

Mods that will affect your premium

By understanding what modifications will affect your premium, you are able to determine what you can get away with without increasing your premium too much.

A new exhaust system, air filter or nitrous oxide injection system that increases your vehicle's power performance will all be cause for concern. These modifications increase your risk of an accident and will therefore increase your insurance premium dramatically.

Other modifications that you may have thought would never affect your premium include alloy wheels, body kits and even tinted windows. These modifications increase the risk of your vehicle being stolen or the wheels being stolen off your vehicle; another high risk and another increase in your premium.

Mods that won't affect your premium

Understanding why modifications affect your insurance premiums, you can now take a look at mods you can do that won't affect your premium or may even slightly reduce them.

Adding an alarm system, tracking device or parking in a garage when the vehicle isn't in use are ways you can keep your premium stable. Other modifications you can do is to use locking wheel nuts on your alloy wheels or give your vehicle a new paint job, these should not affect your insurance in any way.

Overall, pretty simple advice. But why be naughty when the resulting carnage will cost you a couple hundred quid more?


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