The Mulholland Legend 480 Wants To Be A Modern-Day TVR

Mulholland Automotive - an offshoot of a motorsport composites company - has pledged to make the "true successor for TVR" with its Legend 480

TVR Is Finally Back In Motorsport, And With An LMP1 Racer

Although it seems to be just a sponsorship deal at present, TVR is back in motorsport after a long absence

This Guy Drove A 20,000-Mile, Three-Continent Pub Tour In An Old TVR

You might think you've planned one or two epic pub crawls in your time, but nothing compares to the achievement of one man who drove all the way from the world's most northern bar to its most southern

TVR Will Reveal A 200mph, 1200kg Weapon This September

It's been confirmed that the all-new coupe from TVR will make its debut at the Goodwood Revival in September

You Can Have Your New TVR Made From Carbonfibre

The slow drip feed of tantalising TVR details continues, with the reborn company announcing that carbonfibre construction using Gordon Murray's 'iStream' process will be available

Here's Your First Look At TVR's All-New Sports Car

This new teaser image has been issued by the reborn British manufacturer, which is building a brutish V8 sports car

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The New TVR Has Sold Out, Even Though It Doesn't Exist Yet

250 people have shelled out on deposits for the new TVR - even though no-one knows what it looks like, or even what it's called - effectively selling out the whole 2017 allocation

6 Awesome Imports Now Ready For American Shores

Import laws in the U.S. require a 25-year waiting period to purchase autos unmodified from their original overseas specs. That's a long time, but these six machines are finally ready (or almost ready) and absolutely worth the wait

TVR Is Coming Back, With Cosworth Power And A Design By Gordon Murray

The company that brought you plastic balls of fury like the Sagaris and Tamora is coming back, with production to begin on a new car in 2017

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With sports cars becoming ever more complex, this back-to-basics TVR offers an unruly V8 riposte

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Will Entrepreneur Les Edgar Bring TVR Back From The Dead?

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