There Will Be A New Subaru WRX STI... But It Will Be A Hybrid

Judging by comments made by Subaru's European sales and marketing boss, the next WRX STI - and there will be one, eventually - will only exist as a plug-in hybrid

We're Cheering Ourselves Up With An £18k Used Subaru WRX STI

With the WRX STI soon departing the UK, we've plucked a used example of the current generation out of the classifieds

Subaru UK Has Axed The WRX STI And We're Devastated

Although the model will continue to be sold in other markets around thew world, continued slow sales have put a stop to the WRX STI's second lifetime in the UK

The Subaru Viziv Performance Is A Next-Gen WRX Muscle-Fest

With a Boxer four, symmetrical all-wheel drive and muscles on top of muscles, the Viziv Performance is one of the key fast car presences at the Tokyo Motor Show

This Insane Twin-Turbo Subaru WRX-Engined Motorbike Is Garage Project Building At Its Best

We love a good project build, and this custom-designed motorbike with the modified boxer heart of a Subaru Impreza WRX has floored us

Here's What The Next Subaru WRX STi Could Look Like

We love the WRX STi, warts and all, and we also think it's a very pretty car. It looks like the next generation will carry on the trend of blending muscular style with ballistic performance

The All-New Subaru Impreza Still Isn't WRX-Style Exciting But It Could Save Your Life

Built on a new chassis with better driving dynamics, the Impreza still isn't going to win any performance awards - but its standard EyeSight safety tech might save your bacon

The Baby Driver Subaru Impreza WRX Somehow Just Sold For $69,000

The car used in the stunt sequences for 2017's coolest car flick Baby Driver is battered, bruised and it's not even four-wheel drive any more, but someone clearly wanted it badly

The Blobeye Subaru Impreza WRX STI Is The Best Way To Get Your Blue And Gold Fix On A (Relative) Budget

It's 12-13 years old, but the best of the 2000s Imprezas is a brilliant buy if you're looking for boxer character, timeless good looks and absolutely furious speed

This Is What A Subaru Impreza With $250,000 Of Modifications Looks Like

This 'Bugeye' Impreza has had the price of a house invested in it, and it's won Best in Show at quite a few exhibitions

We Know We Should Give Up On A Proper Subaru BRZ STI, But We Can't Do It

After the latest round of have-they-haven't-they ended with the perennial 'haven't', we acknowledge that it's time to admit that a BRZ STI will never happen, but we can't seem to let the dream go...

The New Subaru BRZ tS Is Here, And It's Brought Along A WRX STI RA Friend

Subaru has revealed a new US-bound BRZ tS plus a WRX STI Type RA, both arriving in early 2018

Forget Your Turbo STI Dreams: Subaru Has Made A New BRZ tS And Nothing More

Remember that STI-related teaser Subaru dropped last week? Now we know what it was for, and it's not a turbocharged BRZ...

Subaru Is Launching A Nurburgring Assault With A New Time-Attack WRX STI

Subaru of America has posted a video featuring a track-prepared version of a new, hardcore special edition WRX STI that's set for production soon

A Subaru BRZ STI Might Finally Be Happening

Subaru has Tweeted out a teaser appearing to show a massive wing affixed to the back of a BRZ, with '#STI' at the end of the message