This Is What A Subaru Impreza With $250,000 Of Modifications Looks Like

This 'Blobeye' Impreza has had the price of a house invested in it, and it's won Best in Show at quite a few exhibitions

We Know We Should Give Up On A Proper Subaru BRZ STI, But We Can't Do It

After the latest round of have-they-haven't-they ended with the perennial 'haven't', we acknowledge that it's time to admit that a BRZ STI will never happen, but we can't seem to let the dream go...

The New Subaru BRZ tS Is Here, And It's Brought Along A WRX STI RA Friend

Subaru has revealed a new US-bound BRZ tS plus a WRX STI Type RA, both arriving in early 2018

Forget Your Turbo STI Dreams: Subaru Has Made A New BRZ tS And Nothing More

Remember that STI-related teaser Subaru dropped last week? Now we know what it was for, and it's not a turbocharged BRZ...

Subaru Is Launching A Nurburgring Assault With A New Time-Attack WRX STI

Subaru of America has posted a video featuring a track-prepared version of a new, hardcore special edition WRX STI that's set for production soon

A Subaru BRZ STI Might Finally Be Happening

Subaru has Tweeted out a teaser appearing to show a massive wing affixed to the back of a BRZ, with '#STI' at the end of the message

Someone's Made A Mid-Engined, Subaru Flat-Six-Powered Honda Insight

That Dude In Blue takes a closer look at a mad autocross car that's powered by the flat-six from a Subaru SVX

Watch A Subaru WRX STI Get Smashed To Bits As It Barrels Down A Bobsled Run

Rally driver and all-round driving nutter Mark Higgins can be seen driving a WRX STI down the famous St. Moritz bobsled run, with spectacular and crashy results...

This Movie Trailer Features A Subaru WRX Drifting Like Never Before

The latest heist movie 'Baby Driver' will display hoonery in an interesting choice of getaway vehicle

Ride Onboard A Bonkers 780bhp Subaru Impreza Time Attack Car As It Monsters The Goodwood Hill Climb

Goodwood Road & Racing has uploaded stunning onboard footage of Olly Clark's winning run in 'Gobstopper II' at the famous Festival of Speed hill climb last month

The Subaru BRZ Series.Yellow Is A Banana-Flavoured Special That Laughs In The Face Of Correct Grammar Usage

Subaru will build 500 of these fettled BRZs, featuring uprated shocks, beefier brakes and an infuriatingly poor name

5 Amazing Technical Details On The Subaru WRX STI TT Record Car

Subaru and Prodrive have united to produce a modified WRX STI to smash the car lap record around the Isle of Man TT course. I was lucky enough to get up close and personal with the car to see what components make up a car capable of getting around the island at a 128.7mph average speed