Next-Gen Nissan 370Z Will Have Manual Gearbox And Retro Z Design

The new 370Z will rely heavily upon the Fairlady Z back catalogue, and yes, it will have a manual gearbox option

Former Nissan Boss Carlos Ghosn Has Escaped From Japan

In a dramatic and much hyped-up escape from the country where he was charged with embezzling funds from Nissan, Carlos Ghosn has emerged in Lebanon claiming ‘political persecution’

Of Course You Want A Lego Speed Champions Nissan GT-R Nismo

The expansion of the new, wider Speed Champions range of Lego products continues, with the latest set involving the mightiest R35 GT-R

Hype Alert: Next-Gen Nissan 370Z Test Mule Spotted

A test mule for the 370Z's replacement has been photographed at the Nurburgring

The New Nissan Juke Looks Surprisingly Normal

Nissan has revealed an all-new version of its Juke crossover, and its styling is much less divisive than before

The ‘Computer-Driven’ Nissan GT-R Could Be The Last Analogue Hero

As sour as it will taste for the GT-R haters, the flagship Nismo product could soon be the last sports car to extol old-school petrolhead values as we’ve known them in the pre-electric era

It'll Be Years Before The New 'R36' Nissan GT-R Arrives

Nissan is still discussing exactly how the next GT-R will shape up, but the current one isn't going anywhere just yet, at least

A New, Potentially Less Ugly Nissan Juke Is On The Way

Nissan has revealed a camouflaged test mule of its new compact crossover, and it might just be less divisive than the old one...

Nissan Is To Cut 12,500 Jobs Around The World

The Japanese giant is set to slash almost a tenth of its workforce as it seeks to downgrade its production capacity, citing stagnant sales in the West and worsening results in the East

The 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo Is Almost 600LT Money

UK pricing for the 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo has been revealed - it'll cost upwards of £174,995

50th Anniversary Nissan GT-R Will Set You Back £93k, 50th 370Z Is £39k

The prices for Nissan's new limited-run GT-R and 370Z models have been revealed

Get A Load Of The Wings On This Nissan GT-R Hill Climb Monster

This South African GT-R hill climber puts out 1600whp and has the most extreme aero kit we've ever seen

Behold The BRE-Inspired Nissan 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition

Taking styling cues from the #46 Brock Racing Enterprises Datsun 240Z that won multiple US SCCA national championships, this celebratory 370Z is for 2020 only

Nissan Has Put The RB26 Back Into Production

Nissan's Nismo Heritage Parts department has starting manufacturing blocks and cylinder heads for the legendary straight-six

€1 Million Italdesign Nissan GT-R50 Officially Confirmed For Production

Nissan has confirmed what we've all been expecting - there'll be a run of 50 production GT-R50s