Nissan Has Made 7 Star Wars-Themed Cars And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Nissan cooked up a variety of quirky one-off vehicles for the LA Auto Show, with each riffing off a Star Wars character or spaceship

Behold A Nissan Micra That Looks Like A Dog, Sort Of

Someone, somewhere is responsible for making this 2011 Nissan Micra look like a dog, and we want to thank them for giving us a few giggles

The Future Of The Glorious Nissan Z-Car As We Know It Is In Doubt

Nissan executives have shed some light on the future of the Z-car, as the ageing 370Z soldiers on unchanged, and the news is mixed at best

Nissan Is Chasing Tesla With Its First Fully Autonomous Car

Nissan has begun testing its first fully-autonomous car in Tokyo, and the company says it aims to have a customer-ready version on the streets within three years

Nissan Will Replace Renault In Formula E

With the hugely successful Renault e.dams team deeming its work in Formula E to be done, its partner Nissan is picking up the baton and taking the challenge to the huge new players

Nissan Has Recalled More Than 1.2 Million Cars In Japan

After it was found that unqualified factory staff had been carrying out final vehicle inspections for around three years, and still were two weeks later, Nissan has recalled cars and even shut down its six domestic market factories

Prepare Yourselves: Nissan Is Officially Making A Leaf Nismo

Performance brand Nismo is to wave its wand over the least likely car in Nissan's range

This Nissan Juke Can Tell When You're Dangerously Dehydrated

We all know when we need a drink... or do we? Apparently it's something we neglect when we're driving, so Nissan has had a bit of fun co-designing a seat that can tell when you need to top up your fluids

Not Even A Nissan GT-R Can Outrun This Buffoon's Terrible Driving

On a Lotus Exige hot lap of the Nordschleife, our driver is overtaken by a buffoon in a GT-R. His poor driving and terrible choices not only ruin the Lotus' lap, they also put him in danger!

Watch The Audi TT RS Give A Nissan GT-R A Serious Run For Its Money

The Nissan GT-R should be able to demolish a TT RS in a drag race, but that's not how this straight-line battle from Top Gear plays out...

Nissan Vs Nissan Is The Bizarre 18-Year-Old Corporate Battle You've Probably Never Heard Of

This has to rank as one of the worst-handled episodes in modern automotive history, as Nissan Motor attempts to take control of the domain name away from Nissan Computer Corporation

The Tech-Heavy New Nissan Leaf Is The Car To Buy If Two Pedals Are Too Many For You

Although it does have an extra brake pedal, the new Leaf can be driven everywhere with the accelerator alone - but there's still a safety system to intervene when its drivers hit the wrong pedal...

The Dinky New Volkswagen T-Roc Is Here To Give The Nissan Juke A Kicking

Compact on the outside but surprisingly spacious on the inside, the new Volkswagen T-Roc is a little brother to the Tiguan and Touareg SUVs, and it's gunning for the class leaders

New Nissan Leaf Revealed To Be Less Ugly Than Current Model In Leaked Images

Leaked images of the new Leaf have emerged online, showing a much more conventional-looking car compared to the current version