Nissan Is Restarting Official Production Of Skyline Spares

No need to pinch yourself; we assure you this is real. Nissan is about to start making high-quality spare parts for a whole load of its classic fast cars, to help owners keep them on the road

An EV Adventurer Is Driving The Mongol Rally In A Nissan Leaf

Of all the vehicles with which you could tackle the 10,000-mile Mongol Rally, a Nissan Leaf probably wouldn't be high on the list, but that's not stopping one Scottish enthusiast

This Tracked Motor Show Concept Is Easily The Coolest Nissan X-Trail Ever Built

Swap its wheels for tracks and even the X-Trail's outstanding normality becomes cool. Nissan has built this awesome, fully-working concept for the New York motor show

Mother Jailed After Drunkenly Launching Nissan Over Roundabout With Toddler Onboard

A 32-year-old mother has been jailed for 26 weeks after drunkenly smashing her Qashqai into a roundabout near Peterborough, launching it into the air and flipping in the process. Her 20-month-old son was onboard at the time...

Watch A New Audi RS 6 Avant Pulverise A Nissan GT-R In A Drag Race

On paper the GT-R should take the win easily, but the result when Carfection races Godzilla against the new RS 6 is so one-sided that you'd imagine that the Nissan had a fault...

Nissan Has Revealed A Cop Car You Really Do Want To See In Your Mirrors

The Middle East excluded, police cars always seem to sacrifice desirability for practicality, but Nissan's latest show car has other ideas

5 Awesome Cars Powered By The Legendary Nissan RB Engine

The Nissan RB proved itself on both roads and race tracks around the world and is still a popular engine for swapping to this day. To celebrate these capable powertrains, let's take a look at the bonnets they managed to sneak under

6 Reasons You Need A Nissan 350Z In Your Life

The 350Z often struggled to convince the buying public in the face of the high-revving Honda S2000 and the balanced, sharp-handling Porsche Boxster, but it was a great car and makes a fantastic used buy

Amazon Prime Will Deliver You A Nissan If You Live In Japan

Nissan has teamed up with Amazon Prime Now to deliver Note e-Powers for test drives to potential customers in parts of Japan. It's a brave new world...

Watch This Nissan Patrol Annihilate A Porsche 918 Driven By Richard Hammond

For the series finale of The Grand Tour, Richard Hammond drag raced a seemingly ordinary Nissan Patrol in Dubai. I think you can see where this is going....

Incorrect Cable Routing Could See Nissan Altima Doors Accidentally Opening At Speed

According to the details of Nissan's latest recall headache, the rear doors on recently-built Altimas could open when back-seat passengers try to wind down their window

Nissan Plays Down 'Snapped' Navara Fears After Facebook Group Hits The News

Nissan is batting away accusations that the D40 Navara has a fundamental design flaw, insisting that only a small number of the popular pickup are affected by a worrying chassis rust issue

Nissan S15 Silvia Rendered 6 Ways

The S15 is one of our favourite JDM legends, but what would it look like after a little render-based intervention? Here are six imaginary versions of the last-gen Silvia for your viewing pleasure...

This Guy Was So Excited About A Nissan GT-R, He Fell Off His Bike

Amusing dashcam footage shows the moment an excited young petrolhead spotted a GT-R, and fell off his bike as he let his enthusiasm get the better of him

2017 Nissan GT-R Vs Tesla Model S: Acceleration Battle

Can a Model S 90D out-accelerate the similarly-priced 2017 GT-R? CarWow finds out with a selection of interesting tests!