Kia’s AWD Stinger GTS Has Landed And Drift Mode Seems To Work

Kia has formally launched its Stinger GTS with ‘dynamic all-wheel drive’ that includes a drift mode and a colour aimed squarely at enthusiasts

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Move Over Holden: The Kia Stinger GT Is Australia's Newest Police Car

Queensland Police is replacing its fleet of Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons with Kia Stinger GTs

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It's Official: The Next Kia Ceed Will Go Without The Awkward Apostrophe

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Kia has confirmed a special hourly display of drifting Stingers for next week's SEMA show, and there's even an autocross course that you can drive yourself

The Kia Stinger GT Is Yours For £31,995 And Up

Kia has revealed UK pricing for its pretty Stinger GT saloon, with the base inline-four turbo version costing £31,995