It's Official: The Production Honda Civic Type R Will Be Revealed In Geneva

Honda has made the announcement we've all been expecting - the Civic Type R will be revealed in production form at the Geneva Motor Show next month, packing a 2.0-litre turbo VTEC engine

We Need To Talk About The Honda Civic Type R's Supposed CVT Gearbox

After the Internet went mental with news that the next Civic Type R could have a CVT transmission, us included, it seems things aren't quite as clear-cut as they seemed

Honda Is Putting a CVT Into The Civic Type R, And No We're Not Joking

Continuously variable transmissions are usually reserved for horribly dull eco-boxes made for efficiency rather than excitement, but Honda says efficiency doesn't have to preclude speed

This RB25-Engined Honda Integra Is The Riskiest Buy You'll See Today

It's not cheap, but this engine-swapped Integra is definitely interesting. The motor from a Skyline GT-S and a host of upgrades means big speed, but we have a few questions about the listing...

A 'New' And Totally Original Honda NSX Has Surfaced And We Want It Badly

You're looking at an as-new 1991 NSX with a manual gearbox and fewer than 1800 miles on the clock. The office has gone into meltdown!

Here's How Much Faster A Mercedes-AMG A45 Is Than A Honda Civic Type R

With a lot more power plus the traction benefits of four-wheel drive, it's no surprise the Mercedes is quicker. But the gap to the Honda is even bigger than you might expect...

Someone Bought A Brand New Honda S2000 In Australia Last Month

A Honda dealer in New South Wales held on to a late model S2000 for eight years, finally selling it a few weeks ago

'Murica Rejoice: Honda Civic Type R Mule Spotted In California

As the Civic Type R's glorious North American debut draws nearer, a test mule has been spotted in California

The New Honda Civic Type R Will Have 3 Driving Modes

We were given the chance to have a world-first look inside the Civic Type R Prototype at the LA Auto Show, revealing a new drive selector not found on the current production version

This Turbocharged Honda S2000 Spits Flames And Slides Like A Charm

This turbocharged S2000 produces around 350hp, sounds like it has unequal-length headers and slides like a charm. If you didn't already want an S2k in your garage, you sure as hell will do now!

Can The New Honda NSX Vanquish Godzilla?

The new NSX and the Nissan GT-R have similar power outputs, but go about their supercar-y business in very different ways. But which is best car? Motor Trend put them head-to-head to find out