You've Actually Already Seen The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Thanks To F&F

Dodge may have only announced the existence of the SRT Demon last week, but you'll have already seen it in the trailer for Fate of the Furious

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Here's Nothing But Brutal Dodge Viper V10 Noise

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Dodge just dropped a massive teaser about a new version of the Challenger, which looks set to exceed the monstrous power output of the Hellcat

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Our New Favourite Winter Activity Involves A Dodge Hellcat And Deep Snow

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This New Dodge Charger Was Damaged Beyond Belief Because 'Rental Car'

Rental cars get a lot of abuse, but this new Dodge Charger's massive damage to the chassis will make you wonder how the hell it got this this bad!

This Dodge Ram Nurburgring Invasion Bagged A World Record

A massive fleet of Dodge Ram pickup trucks descended upon the Nordschleife at the weekend, smashing the record for the 'biggest parade of pickup trucks'

All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Accidentally Confirmed By US Government

Leaks are fairly common these days, and frankly they're often good for publicity as far as new cars go. But, as leaks go, the American EPA's confirmation of a four-wheel drive Challengerwas so low-key it nearly slipped under the radar

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This Is The Sound Of A Dodge Viper's Traction Control Struggling To Deal With 1850bhp

It might sound like this Viper is badly misfiring, but apparently it's just the traction control throwing a massive wobbly as it tries to cope with 1850bhp being sent to the rear wheels