The Dodge Demon V-Maxes At Just 164mph, But It Gets There Fast

Hennessey Performance took a standard Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and ran it to its maximum speed of just 164mph, but the way it gets there is... dramatic

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In an effort to help Demon owners avoid stacking their awesome drag strip machines, Dodge has partnered with a well-known driver training academy

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At this time of year it's (probably) the first question on any petrolhead's lips: just how quickly can I get this Christmas tree home? Hennessey Performance has thoughtfully provided an answer

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Ford has announced a Roush-developed supercharger conversion kit for the latest V8 versions of the Mustang and F-150 truck, and the power war continues

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Dodge's new 6.2-litre supercharged 'Hellcrate' has been revealed ahead of its debut at SEMA. Let the project cars commence...

1207 Dodge Hellcats Recalled For Oil Loss Issues

An issue with oil cooler lines in some Challenger and Charger Hellcats could result in a "rapid loss of engine oil"

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We know that in a capitalist society everything has a value dictated by supply and demand, but sometimes, like with Dodge dealers' cunning new way to make more money out of Demon buyers, it leaves a bad taste

John Hennessey Is Opening Up His Drag Strip To Dodge Demon Owners

In light of the NHRA's stance that the stock Dodge Demon is too fast for its drag strips, Hennessey will let you use its own quarter-mile run at Lonestar Motorsports Park

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This footage from a helmet-mounted action camera hides how fast the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon really is, but wait for the second or third run and the car's launch is incredible

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