All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Accidentally Confirmed By US Government

Leaks are fairly common these days, and frankly they're often good for publicity as far as new cars go. But, as leaks go, the American EPA's confirmation of a four-wheel drive Challengerwas so low-key it nearly slipped under the radar

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Doug DeMuro's been living with his Viper GTS for a few weeks, and had discovered a few 'unique' features in that time...

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Our favourite Top Gear presenter gets behind the wheel of the aero-heavy muscle car to see what's what.

This Is The Sound Of A Dodge Viper's Traction Control Struggling To Deal With 1850bhp

It might sound like this Viper is badly misfiring, but apparently it's just the traction control throwing a massive wobbly as it tries to cope with 1850bhp being sent to the rear wheels

Watch A Biker Expertly Dodge A High Speed Multi-Car Pile Up

This biker is happily cruising along the motorway when a group of cars start wrecking in front of him. As cars crash and spin, he accelerates right through the debris to safety

A Dodge Dakota Bump Starting A Volvo Truck Is Nothing Short Of Damn Impressive

With a busted starter motor, this truck is going nowhere fast. That's until a 5.2-litre, manual V8 Dodge Dakota shows up with a tow rope and mad pulling power to awaken this Volvo beast. That's damn impressive!

This Dodge Durango Bounces Itself To Death In One Hilarious Lap

One lap is all it takes for this Dodge Durango to bounce itself into an early grave. The lap itself is hilarious to watch, however!

Watch In Awe As A Dodge Challenger Hellcat Hits 170mph On Ice

With no modifications other than a set of studded tyres, this rather brave driver clocked an average of 261kmh (162mph) over a kilometre stretch of ice, at one point hitting 170mph. Just look at how much steering input is needed to keep it in a straight line!

Watch A Dodge Viper Come Spectacularly Close To Smashing Into A Concrete Wall At The 'Strip

This Dodge violently snaps on two separate runs at the Viper Nationals in Houston, Texas. The first time nearly hitting a wall, and the second time crossing into its competitor's lane. The cause is thought to be a broken differential

Watch A 900bhp Dodge Challenger Hellcat Crap Out Chunks Of Its Carbonfibre Driveshaft

After successfully completing a 10 second pass, this modified Hellcat took to the strip a second time, only to suffer catastrophic driveshaft failure

The Viper Will Die In 2017 Thanks To Arbitrary Safety Requirements

The third-generation Viper is a mad, unrefined and demanding old-school supercar, set to be killed off in 2017. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing: here's why...

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One is a hugely powerful technologically-advanced road car, and the other is a paired back race car for the street. So which is better? Motor Trend puts them head-to-head to find out

Here Are Two Dodge Stealth R/T Turbos At The Extremes Of The Buying Spectrum

Stealths were rare and awesome for U.S. buyers in the 1990s, but they never really found a strong core enthusiast following. That’s why these two cars can be bought for either $3000 or $18,900, depending on your level of sanity

Why The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Everything That's Wrong With Chrysler Right Now

Regular Car Reviews gets behind the wheel of the 707hp Challenger Hellcat, but has issues with what the car represents...

This Weathered Old 1969 Dodge Daytona Barn Find Is Expected To Go For $180k

Barn finds are often equal parts tragic and intriguing, with this '69 Daytona being one of the coolest, saddest finds we've seen in a long time. Its $150k - $180k auction estimate is staggering