Spielberg-Directed Bullitt Remake On The Way Starring Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been announced as the lead role in a remake of the classic Bullitt film

Dodge Delays Last Call Finale Over Exploding Engines

The final special edition of Dodge’s Last Call celebration of the Charger and Challenger has been postponed because its engines keep ‘blowing up’

Dodge Challenger Driver Runs From Police, Has Embarrassing Crash

The driver of this tail-happy Dodge Challenger tries to speed away from the Police after getting stopped, only to do a burnout and slam straight into a wall.

The Dodge Challenger Came Close To Using The Alfa Romeo Giulia’s Platform

The Challenger almost adopted the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform instead of its 2008 Chrysler underpinnings

Texas Police Seize 1080bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, Turn It Into Cop Car

The 1080bhp Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was confiscated from a street racer and will now serve the Texas Police force

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Unveiled As ‘Last Call’ Homage To A Detroit Hero

Dodge has unveiled the Challenger ‘Black Ghost’ as part of its ‘Last Call’ final run of Challenger models

The Dodge Challenger And Charger ‘Swinger’ Editions Are Dodge’s Idea Of ‘Going Green’

The heritage-inspired Swinger editions are part of the ‘Last Call’ for the Charger and Challenger

Dodge’s Electric Charger SRT Concept Has Fake V8 Noise & Exhausts

This is Dodge’s idea of an electric muscle car to replace the Charger and Challenger. It’s trying hard not to be an EV with that artificial V8 soundtrack…

One Last Hurrah: 2023 Dodge Challenger And Charger Special Models Are The Cars’ Swansongs

Dodge has confirmed that the Challenger will go out of production next year, and is celebrating its life with style…

This 1,000bhp Speedkore Dodge Charger Is An Evil Racer For The Road

Dubbed ‘Hellucination’, the angry ’60s muscle car has finally been unleashed on public roads

Dodge 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Application Process Detailed

Dodge is now taking applications for its 'Chief Donut Maker' brand ambassador role, which comes with a $150k salary and a free Hellcat

You Have Just Two More Years To Buy A Dodge Hellcat

Dodge boss Tim Kuniskis has confirmed the expiry date for the brand's Hellcat-engined models

Dodge Has A 'Chief Donut Maker' Job Opening, Comes With Free Hellcat

As part of its 'Never Lift' 24-month business plan, Dodge is after a brand ambassador who'll be rewarded with a six-figure salary and a free Hellcat

Orlando Airport Is A Hotbed For Dodge Hellcat Theft

Two Dodge Chargers, a Challenger and a Jeep Grand Cherokee packing Hellcat engines were stolen in the space of a few days from Orlando Airport

The Dodge Hornet Concept Had A Supercharged Mini Cooper S Engine And No B-Pillars

In 2006, Chrysler revealed its intentions to take on Europe's supermini elite with the Dodge Hornet