Dodge Challenger SRT Demon's Launch-Friendly Upgrades Detailed

In the latest SRT Demon teaser, Dodge details all the upgrades - including a new torque converter - that'll allow the car to launch with much more venom than the Hellcat

The 2017 Dodge Charger Pursuit Will Use Clever Tech To Stop Ambushes

FCA has announced that it will fit all future 2017 police-spec Chargers with an electronic system to protect officers during ambushes

Dodge Wants To Tell You About The SRT Demon's Massive Airbox Using Metallica Lyrics

The latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser is here, along with a bizarre press release that quotes Metallica. Yes, really

The Dodge Durango SRT Can Do Killer Four-Wheel Burnouts, In Case You Were Wondering

Dodge has seen fit to demonstrate the tyre shredding shenanigans its stupidly powerful Durango is capable of

Dodge Announces 'Murica's Fastest Three-Row SUV With Six-Seat Durango SRT

For most people, an SUV simply needs to be comfortable and spacious, but Dodge sees no reason not to make a seriously rapid one as well...

Dodge Has Released More Tantalising Clues About The Challenger SRT Demon

We already know it's going to be at least as powerful as the 697bhp Hellcat, and we also know it's going to be 90kg lighter, but now Dodge is beginning to shape the Demon's actual character

The Dodge Challenger Demon Will Only Have One Seat To Save Weight

We know the Challenger SRT Demon will lose 90kg, but now we know how: all passenger seats will be optional...

You've Actually Already Seen The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, Thanks To F&F

Dodge may have only announced the existence of the SRT Demon last week, but you'll have already seen it in the trailer for Fate of the Furious

A Dodge Coronet On Tracks Is Predictably Awesome

This 1968 Coronet has been given what looks like a set of large snowmobile tracks at the rear, and it looks amazing

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Has Been On A Diet

Dodge has released a new teaser video for its incoming SRT Demon, revealing that it's undergone some kind of weight loss programme

Here's Nothing But Brutal Dodge Viper V10 Noise

This is a nice simple video: it's a compilation of various Dodge Vipers making all sounds of shouty noises from their massive V10s. Bliss...

The Dodge Challenger 'SRT Demon' Is Coming, Because The 707hp Hellcat Is Obviously Underpowered

Dodge just dropped a massive teaser about a new version of the Challenger, which looks set to exceed the monstrous power output of the Hellcat

Can A Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Beat A Dodge Challenger Hellcat In A Straight Line?

There's no doubt that the ZL1 will be the faster car on track, but what about in a drag race - can its lower weight figure make up the power deficit to the Hellcat?