10 Cars To Be Excited About In 2020

As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2019, we’re taking at the best cars we're expecting to see next year

The All-New 600bhp Alfa Romeo GTV Has Been Leaked (Update: No It Hasn't)

A rendering of Alfa's new hybrid GTV has been leaked from a secret presentation, giving us our first look at the car

F1-Inspired Alfa Romeo Racing Giulia And Stelvio Quadrifoglio Models Revealed

Want an Alfa Romeo that looks a little like the car Kimi Raikkonen will be driving in F1 this year? Step right this way...

The Sauber F1 Team Is Now Called Alfa Romeo Racing

In something of a pre-season plot twist, the Sauber name will disappear from the Formula 1 grid as the team morphs into Alfa Romeo Racing

Here's An Alfa Romeo Brera S With A 370bhp Supercharged V6

Our used pick for today packs a little more punch than the average Brera S, but it's not cheap

The Alfa Romeo Mito Will Be Killed Off Soon

Alfa Romeo will be calling time on its ageing supermini next year ahead of a new product offensive

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio NRing Is Incredibly Expensive

Alfa has released pricing for the special edition 'NRing' Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio. Are you sitting down?

The 75 Turbo Evoluzione Is The King Of Alfa Romeo's Nearly-Cars

The 75 was the last Alfa to be released before Fiat bought the company in 1986, but it never reached the heights that its makers hoped it would thanks to the shadow of the E30 BMW 3 Series

Alfa's 600bhp Hybrid GTV Should Bring Back Glory Days We Never Knew

Many of us grew up in a world where Alfa Romeo was a brand that used to make great cars, but, spurred on by recent successes, Alfa's tail is up and the kids of the future are in for a treat

Alfa Romeo Is Building A 600bhp+ New GTV And A 700bhp+ New 8C

We did a little squee when we heard this news - Alfa Romeo is bringing back two of its most evocative badges of recent times

Witness The Fury Of This Alfa Romeo 4C-Shaped V8 Monster

This Zytec V8-powered creation technically isn't an Alfa Romeo 4C, but we like it a lot!

A Big Alfa Romeo SUV And A 641bhp Giulia Coupe Will Be Confirmed In June

According to reports, Alfa Romeo will announce plans for two new cars next month

This Alfa Romeo 75 Has A 3.9 V6 That Revs To 9000rpm

The noise made by this 75's enlarged Busso V6 hitting 9000rpm might just be the best automotive noise we've ever heard...

Alfa's Exotic 4C Has Become A Tempting £34,000 Hot Hatch Rival

For about the same amount of money as a hot hatchback, you could get the same number of cylinders and even more pace, all dressed up in a sexy Italian suit