The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Has Been Spotted With A Giant Wing

This bumper video of Nurburgring prototype spots includes a Cayman GT4 RS, 992 GT3, Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and more
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There’s a lot to take in from this Nurburgring industry pool testing session. Packed into a ten-minute video from Auto Addition we can see the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series (sounding an awful lot like it’s powered by a flat-plane crank V8), an updated Jaguar F-Pace SVR, VW’s incoming Golf R, and a trio of Porsches.

There’s the 992 911 GT3, which doesn’t pique our interest all that much considering how much of it we’ve seen lately. More intriguing is the Taycan - it could be a new variant of the car, or perhaps the Turbo S is being sent out to improve on the Turbo’s Nordschleife lap time. And finally, there’s the one we want to focus on - the 718 Cayman GT4 RS. It appears at the 03:10 point of the video, to save you a scrub.

Rumours of such a car have rumbled on for years, but it seems Porsche has finally pulled the trigger. With those Naca ducts, the rear three-quarter louvres and a top-mount rear wing similar to the part we’ve seen on the 992 GT3, it’s abundantly clear we’re looking at an RS-infused 718 GT4.

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Has Been Spotted With A Giant Wing

The ‘regular’ 718 GT4 (below) is already a lot more serious than a regular Cayman, adopting the front end of the 991.2 GT3, a completely bespoke rear suspension setup and a 30mm drop in ride height. The RS will take this focus even further, and also increase the power.

Given the amount of money Porsche has chucked at the GT4’s 9A2 Evo engine - since used for the Cayman GTS 4.0 - the 4.0-litre naturally-aspirated flat-six is all but certain to appear in the RS too. The idea of a Cayman powered by motorsport-derived nat-asp six in the GT3 is a pleasant one, but don’t count on it - a significant amount of work would be needed on both the engine and the 718 itself to make it fit.

The RS will take the already very focused setup of the standard 718 Cayman GT4 (pictured) even further
The RS will take the already very focused setup of the standard 718 Cayman…

The extra go, then, will be derived from good old-fashioned N/A tuning. Think lighter pistons, a tweaked valvetrain and breathing modifications. The 718 Cayman GT4 RS we see in the video certainly sounds rowdier, and to our ears seems to be revving a tad higher.

Expect it to be revealed in full either at the tail end of 2020, or early 2021.



992 not 922 in title and NACA not Nacca

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GT4 RS? Finally…

04/28/2020 - 16:46 |
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Olivier (CT's grammar commie)

In reply to by Kyubi22B

did you take the lowest resolution image possible or what

04/28/2020 - 20:46 |
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The new Black Series AMG will be powered by flat-plane crank V8. AMG confirmed it :)

04/28/2020 - 17:46 |
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I like it

04/30/2020 - 11:47 |
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