Fast 8 Official Title Revealed As 'The Fate Of The Furious' In New Teaser

Ahead of the official trailer's launch on Sunday, the Fast and Furious crew have shared a short teaser, revealing the film's title

Surely A 205bhp Infiniti Crossover Can't Be Faster Than A Porsche 928 On Track?

Motor Trend's comparison between Porsche's 30-year-old super GT and the Infiniti QX30S is the sort of sign of progress that'll make you want to lie down on the floor and cry. A lot

Alfa Romeo's High US Giulia Quadrifoglio Pricing Makes The BMW M4 Look Cheap

Not a company known for its shy and retiring ways, Alfa has once again proved that no damns are given by pricing its new Giulia super-saloon way above the M4. Let battle commence...

You Can Now Order Alpine's New 250bhp Cayman Rival

Porsche and Lotus will be paying close attention to this. Reborn sports car maker Alpine has opened the order books for its first car of the 21st century, and it's set to be both faster and cheaper than a Cayman S

LaFerrari Owner Claims He Called The Police After Getting Trapped Inside By Its Heavy Doors

Entrepreneur and former racing driver Preston Henn has dropped his lawsuit over Ferrari refusing him a LaFerrari Aperta, and revealed that he found the doors on his coupe version a little heavy...

The VW Golf GTI Clubsport S Just Went Around The 'Ring Even Damn Faster

VW has just sliced two seconds off its existing Clubsport S laptime, breaking its own front-wheel drive Nurburgring record in the process

This Pickup Truck Had To Be Recovered By Helicopter After Cliff Plunge

After a 17-year-old in Australia lost control of a pickup truck and got it stuck half way down a cliff, the only way to recover it was with a helicopter

James May Reckons He And Clarkson Will Be "Too Old" To Make The Grand Tour In Five Years

Speaking to the Radio Times, Grand Tour presenter May suggested that he and Jeremy Clarkson are too old to be making The Grand Tour for any more than five years

Watch The Mercedes-AMG GT R Smash Out An Incredible 7min 10sec 'Ring Time

Still not convinced about the new AMG GT R's supercar slaying credentials? Check out this Nurburgring hot lap from Sport Auto

Douchebag Tow Truck Driver Facing Charges After Joyride In Disabled Guy's GT-R

Having been caught on dashcam taking a Nissan GT-R for a joyride a few months ago, it's emerged this douchebag tow truck driver didn't even have a license

The Ford GT Sounds Like A Damn Jet Fighter At Full Chat

Ford has released a short flyby video of its GT supercar undergoing testing, and - perhaps down to its unique aerodynamic features - it sounds like some sort of jet-powered monster

A New Toyota GT86 Is Happening, And It'll Be Here By 2019

The boss of Toyota Europe has confirmed that a successor to the GT86 is still on the agenda

The Seat Leon Cupra Has Gone AWD - But It's Not That Simple

Seat has given the Leon Cupra a power and torque boost across the range, which is great, but four-wheel drive now makes a seemingly random appearance on the estate model alone

The AWD Dodge Challenger Is Now A Thing, But Where's The V8?

An all-wheel drive 'Dodge Challenger GT' has finally happened, but the powertrain choice isn't inspiring