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Volvo Has Broken The World Speed Record With This 2400bhp Truck

Volvo already held the truck land speed record but went all-out with the 'Iron Knight'

This Frustrated Taxi Driver Wipes Out A Cyclist Like A Savage

Cyclists and taxi drivers aren't the best of friends, but this pair take things to a whole new level!

The New Tesla Model S P100D Is As Fast As A LaFerrari To 60mph

As if the P90D wasn't accelerative enough, Tesla's latest electric super saloon will blow internal combustion into next year

The Stunning Fiat 124 Coupe Could Be With Us In 2017

After the launch of the MX-5 RF hardtop concept, it seems Fiat is following suit with its 124 coupe

Uber Is Now Introducing Autonomous Rides For Passengers

You will now be able to use a self-driving taxi service, with early tests being under human supervision

The 2017 Camaro ZL1 Hits 60mph In First Gear

The new Chevy Camaro is a 650bhp V8 monster with one hell of a manual gearbox. Here are the details...

Ex-BBC Director Admits He Screwed Up By Firing Clarkson

Even after punching his producer in the face, the ex-boss at the BBC says chucking Clarkson was a mistake

The New Mustang GT500 Could Have Well Over 700bhp

Ford has been caught testing a twin-turbocharged Mustang and plans to take on the SRT Hellcat

A Tesla P90D Silently Roasts These American Muscle Cars

Electricity dominates internal combustion in this series of drag races in a pretty depressing sight for petrolheads

How The Hell Did This BMW 1 Series Get Past US Border Control?

It's illegal to simply import non-approved cars to the US, but somehow this BMW 116i has been living a normal life in Florida for years - until the current owner has tried to sell it on...

The 2018 911 GT2 RS Has Been Spied Testing At The Nürburgring And It Sounds Savage

Porsche has been testing its future widowmaker and it's going to make the Turbo S look slow