Nissan Has Recalled More Than 1.2 Million Cars In Japan

After it was found that unqualified factory staff had been carrying out final vehicle inspections for around three years, and still were two weeks later, Nissan has recalled cars and even shut down its six domestic market factories

EV Charging Points Are Being Made Compulsory At Thousands Of Fuel Stations

An announcement from the UK government has, more or less out of nowhere, outlined plans to make multiple EV charging points mandatory at motorway service stations and all 'larger' filling stations

Cars Hitting Multiple Speed Bumps At High Speed Creates Weirdly Compulsive BeamNG Footage

Clear your schedule for at least the next hour, because once you start watching this awesome - and totally random - BeamNG Drive footage you won't want to stop

Shell Has Launched EV Charging Points At Petrol Stations

We knew it had to come sooner or later, and with 10 sites due for EV charging upgrades this year, Shell is introducing its scheme with a 50 per cent discount

BMW Is Planning Even More Fast, Exciting Cars... But The Manual M-Car Is Doomed

With the M2 consistently selling at almost one and a half times its targets, BMW has been heartened to build even more M cars, with even more speed and focus

Check Out This Glorious 1:4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine

High-end car model builder Amalgam has revealed a stunning replica of the 8.0-litre, 1500-horsepower W16 engine from the Chrion

The New Thor Film’s Spaceships Are Named After Holdens

In honour of the Australian company that shut down earlier this year, the director of the new Thor movie named the key spaceships after Holden cars

London Crowd Delivers Vigilante Justice To Scooter-Riding Thief

While vigilantism isn't usually something to applaud, the British police are simply too stretched to be effective enough, so Londoners are fighting the city's newest crime wave themselves

This Low-Mileage, Mint-Condition Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Will Set A New Six-Figure Price Record

With a similar car selling for almost £115,000 earlier this year, this rarer white one with half the mileage and in even better condition is expected to smash that to set a new record

McLaren Has Confirmed Its Fastest Road-Legal Car Ever

McLaren likes it fast. Project P15 will be faster around a track than the P1 despite having no hybrid assistance, and McLaren has just released the first teaser

Soon Amazon Drones Will Be Able To Recharge Your Electric Car… While You’re Driving

In what would be a staggering development for electric vehicle mobility, Amazon is proposing drones that can recharge electric cars even while they're being driven

Land Rover Is Showing Fewer Concepts Because Of Chinese Copycats

It must be a bit annoying when a Chinese company, more or less immune to your legal action on its home soil, reveals a replica of your brand new flagship model. Land Rover has a simple answer

The 718 Boxster And Cayman GTS Are Porsche's Slightly Faster, Much More Expensive Junior Sports Cars

Thanks to tweaks to the 718 S models' 2.5-litre flat-four turbo, power is up by 15bhp, but the price you'll pay for the extra shove and the styling enhancements is pretty steep

A Sub-Standard Metal Scandal Could Affect Millions Of Cars

One of Japan's largest steel makers has admitted to falsely labelling some sub-standard metal products, including many that were used in car construction, and the repercussions could be massive