The MG 6 XPower Is Like A New ZS180, But Angrier

MG has revealed a bewinged version of the facelifted 6 saloon, although details are extremely limited at this stage

The Magnet Plane In Fast & Furious 9 Was A Nine-Year-Old Kid's Idea

F9 director Justin Lin revealed that one of the film's most outlandish scenes was thought up by his young son

US Government Reminds People Not To Fill Plastic Bags With Fuel

Possibly linked to some old social media content going viral amidst fuel shortages in the US, the government has urged drivers to only use proper containers for petrol

Backseat Tesla Driver Taunts Police, Gets Arrested (Again)

A 25-year-old has been arrested for a second time for riding in the backseat of his Model 3 with Autopilot running

This Brand New N/A V12 Revs To 10,000rpm And Weighs Just 165kg

GTO Engineering's 60s-inspired 'Squalo' will use an all-new 4.0-litre V12 hand-built in the UK

Mitsubishi Is Bringing Ralliart Back From The Dead

Having scaled it back to pretty much nothing over 10 years ago, Mitsubishi has decided to revive its performance sub-brand

A Company Is Offering Pre-Rusted Car Trim Pieces

Heritage Customs, an offshoot of Niels van Roij Design, has made pre-rusted parts for the new Land Rover Defender

Listen To The Weird Sci-Fi Noise BMW Will Use For Its EVs

The first-ever electric M car uses artificial sound created with the help of film composes Hans Zimmer

Future Fords Could Scan Billboards And Show Associated In-Car Ads, Patent Suggests

Ford has issued a patent for a system that would use a car's front-mounted camera to recognise billboards and display relevant adverts inside the vehicle

The Elise Could Live On As Lotus Mulls Over Selling The Tooling

Lotus is looking to sell the tooling for its Elise sports car, which will soon be discontinued after over 25 years on sale

Watch How Some Of F9's Most Ridiculous Car Crashes Were Filmed For Real

There'll be plenty of OTT action in Fast & Furious 9, and perhaps surprisingly, some of the most ridiculous parts aren't fully CG

Senator Attends Virtual Meeting While Driving, Tries To Hide It With Fake Background

Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner used a virtual background of a home office to poorly mask the fact he was in a car at the time

The Citroen My Ami Cargo Is The Cutest Van You’ll See This Year

Citroen has launched a version of its Ami quadricycle for last-mile deliveries, with the passenger seat being replaced by a clever storage area

The 818bhp Ferrari 812 Competizione Revs To 9500rpm

Maranello has announced a more focused version of the 812 which develops 818bhp at a heady 9500rpm

Take A Moment To Appreciate The New Skoda Fabia's Door Umbrella

The Fabia is the latest car to get Skoda's famous pop-out door umbrella, along with plenty of other neat features