Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Laps Hockenheim Slower Than An M5 Competition

In Sport Auto's usual Hockenheim hot lap, the GT500 was unable to better the time posted by BMW's considerably less powerful M5 Comp

Tesla Model S Roof Filmed Making A Bid For Freedom

A Model S was filmed by a dashcam in China as its roof flew off at speed, prompting Tesla to blame an authorised third-party repair shop

Lamborghini Tech Chief Pledges To Keep V12 Alive With Hybrid Assistance

Maurizio Reggiani insists the Aventador's replacement will retain a V12, with some sort of hybrid technology helping it comply with emissions regulations

The Ferrari 488 GT Modificata Blends GT3 And GTE Knowledge For High-Cost Track Day Fun

Ferrari has revealed a track-only version of the 488, initially available only to those who've participated in the Competizioni GT series

Audi TT S Gets More Power And 'Competition Plus' Trim

Audi has revealed a slightly more powerful version of the TT and two new trim lines, although they're only confirmed for Germany thus far

Porsche 911 GT3 Details Confirmed: Double Wishbone Front, N/A Flat-Six, Optional Manual

First ride reviews for the 992 GT3 are in, giving us an early preview of the car's engineering makeup

Naran Automotive Naran Debuts As 1000bhp, M8-Based Front-Engined Hypercar

Naran Automotive's first car is set to use M8 underpinnings and an extensively modified BMW V8

Rolls-Royce’s ‘Neon Nights’ Are The Definition Of New Money

In an effort to prove you don’t have to order a Black Badge model in black, Rolls-Royce has unveiled three rather vivid new specials

The Porsche Taycan Has Set A Record For The Longest EV Drift

Porsche instructor Dennis Retera drifted a rear-wheel drive version of the Taycan for nearly an hour, setting a Guinness World Record

McLaren's New Hybrid Supercar Is Called The 'Artura'

For the first time on a non-limited model, McLaren automotive is ditching its numerical naming structure

The Toyota GR Supra Has Been Recalled By BMW Again, This Time For A Fire Risk

The latest BMW Z4/GR Supra recall involves faulty fuel tank welds, although only a small number of units are affected

Here's How The Subaru BRZ Looks As An STI And A Convertible

X-Tomi Design has given us a glimpse at two 2021 BRZ derivatives - one that might well happen, and one that almost certainly won't

A Turbocharger Would Have Compromised The 2022 BRZ, Subaru Says

Speaking to Road & Track, Subaru's PR head explained the reason for the BRZ's lack of turbocharger

Maserati Will Turn The Boxy Shamal Into A Dreamy Restomod

Maserati's 'FuoriSerie' personalisation programme has pledged to reimagine the Shamal via 'Project Rekall'

Get Your Waft On With The New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Mercedes has revealed the most luxurious version of its new S-Class, featuring a wheelbase stretch to make life for rear-seat passengers even sweeter