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Is A Chinese Car Maker About To Bag A Nurburgring Record With This 1340bhp EV?

Rumours are circulating that this silent supercar filmed at the German facility is actually a Chinese EV with enough power to worry Europe's hypercar elite

The Legend Who Saved His E30 M3 From Hurricane Matthew Is Helping Raise Money For Disaster Relief

Remember the guy whose images of an E30 M3 sheltering in his house went viral? He's using his newfound fame for good, cementing his legend status

Every Single New Tesla Will Come With Fully Autonomous Hardware, But You Won't Be Able To Use It

Tesla has announced that it's to give every single one of its new cars the hardware for full 'Level 5' autonomy, but the software needed to access it won't be here until 2017

A Simple Horn Blast Probably Saved This Woman's Life

This woman in Queensland, Australia had an incredibly close shave after a Toyota driver blew straight through a pedestrian crossing

Vin Diesel Reckons Fast 8 Has A Shot At The Oscars

The Fast and Furious star thinks the latest film in the lucrative franchise has a chance at Oscar gold. Sound familiar?

Ken Block's 'Climbkhana' Pikes Peak Video Is Coming, And It Looks Amazing

Bored of Gymkhana? Don't worry - Ken Block is switching things up for an awesome new video involving Hoonicorn v2 and the famous Pikes Peak hillclimb

Rejoice: You Can Now Put Your Name Down For An All-New DeLorean DMC-12

The reborn DeLorean Motor Company has opened up applications for pre-orders of its modernised DMC-12 reproductions

Seat Just Accidentally Revealed The Ateca Cupra

An Ateca Cupra test mule apparently being driven by a Seat R&D big cheese was spotted at a launch event for the facelifted Leon

The Tesla Model S P100D Will Clock A 2.7sec 0-60 Time In The Wet

Torrential rain in Florida scuppered Drag Times' plans to get a new Model S P100D on the strip, but as a plan B the car had its 0-60mph time tested in the wet, with stunning results

Watch A Defenceless Hatchback Get Shunted Down The Road While Its Tyres Cry Out In Pain

A truck in Malaysia is seen pushing a hatchback sideways a great distance down a slip road, while the poor little car lets out a sustained shriek from its tyres

A Tesla Model S Is Coming To The LAPD Fleet, And It'll Be A Proper Patrol Car

All sorts of weird and wonderful cars are given a police livery and a set of blue flashing lights for the sake of promotional purposes, but this latest addition to the LAPD fleet will be a proper, serving patrol car

Take A Sneaky Look Under The Skin Of The Mazda MX-5 RF's Fancy Folding Roof

We've all seen those cool videos of the new hard top Miata's clever roof in operation, but this animated version shows us what's happening behind the scenes

Expect Helicopter Crashes, Guns And 5-Series Product Placement In BMW's 'The Escape' Short

BMW has released another trailer for its 'The Escape' short film, featuring explosive action, a shouty Jon Bernthal and - of course - the new 'G30' 5-series