Citroen Ami Tries To Takes Monaco Hairpin Like An F1 Car, Fails

A driver of the dinky quadricycle pushed things a little too far on the streets of Monaco

Ferrari 296 GTB And F12 Crash Into Someone’s Garden Wall One After The Other

This buy-on-get-one-free Ferrari crash in Italy resulted in a sorry-looking 296 and a rather crispy F12

The Wörthersee GTI Treffen Is Moving To VW HQ In Wolfsburg

The GTI Treffen will return for 2024 after years of cancellations, but in a new location

Tesla Model Y Loses Steering While Driving, Owner Then Sent Bill For Fixing It

Having gone through the ordeal of his Model Y’s steering wheel falling off, an owner was then charged $104 to have it fixed, before the service centre backtracked

Behold, The 542bhp BMW M3 CS And Its £116,000 Price Tag

The CS badge is back for the G80-generation M3, with M4 CSL-matching power and bespoke chassis mods

EV Revolution Means Autobahns Will Stay Derestricted, German Minister Says

Germany’s Transport Minister reckons there’s no need for a blanket speed limit on the country’s road network thanks to EV drivers hypermiling

Nissan Z Soon Available With Downsized, Two-Part Grille

Not a fan of the Z’s plus-sized, rectangular grille? An alternate design shown by Nissan at the Toyko Auto Salon will soon be available as a dealer-fit option in Japan

The Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Is A 646bhp AWD Hybrid Supercar, Hits 60mph In 2.5s

The C8 has gone part-electric for the ‘Vette’s 70th birthday, pairing the Stingray’s naturally-aspirated V8 with an electric motor

The 830cc Mazda MX-30 R-EV Is The Brand’s First Rotary Since The RX-8

This new version of the MX-30 combines a small(ish) battery pack with a single-rotor engine to keep it charged

The Suzuki Jimny Five-Door Looks Amazing, But Don't Expect To Be Able To Buy One

The long-awaited stretched Jimny is here with a bigger cabin, but it won’t be coming to Europe

Heated Seatbelts Are Coming To Make Winter Driving Less Miserable (And Greener)

ZF has produced a heated seatbelt which will make EVs less reliant on range-sapping heater systems

Ken Block Dies Aged 55 In Snowmobile Accident

The Hoonigan founder was killed in Mill Hollow, Utah when his snowmobile upended

The IIHS Loaded A Pick-Up With Concrete And Smashed It Into A Wall

To make sure its crash-testing system is ready for ultra-heavy EVs on the way, the IIHS carried out some unusual tests

Jump-Filled Gymkhana 2022 Might Just Be The Best Yet

Travis Pastrana shreds rubber and gets some bonkers airtime in the latest Gymkhana video

Watch Lexus's Weird EV Manual 'Gearbox' In Action

Lexus has released a video of a prototype UX featuring a simulated manual shift