Hyundai's 5.0 'Tau' Engine Is The Latest V8 To Be Killed Off

The next-generation Genesis G90 won't use Hyundai's 'Tau' engine, spelling the end for the V8

Watch And Try Not To Weep As Three Ferraris Crash Into Each Other

Two 488s and a 458 Italia were involved in a very expensive crash during a Philadelphia charity cruise

'Motor Mythbusters' Series Will Investigate Urban Legends, F&F, And More

Mythbusters is getting a car-themed spin-off, launching on the Motor Trend streaming platform this August

The New BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe Balances Out A Big Grille With More Doors

BMW has revealed a four-door 'coupe' version of the new 4-series, available with up to 359bhp

The Ford Maverick Is A Bronco Sport-Based Pickup That Isn't Needlessly Huge

Ford's all-new Maverick uses a monocoque platform borrowed from the Bronco rather than a traditional ladder frame, and it slots neatly below the Ranger

Watch Sport+ Mode Help The New Mercedes S-Class Through A Moose Test did several moose/elk tests in the new S-Class, revealing how much difference Sport+ mode can make

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Returns With 273mph Top Speed And £2.7m Price Tag

Bugatti has followed up the limited-run Super Sport 300 with a new version that'll be made in double the numbers

2020's 12th Best-Selling D Saloon Car Was...The Peugeot 405

77,000 examples of the venerable 405 were built under license and sold last year, making the car more popular than the new 508...

Watch A Mercedes E63 S Estate Fly By At 206mph On The Autobahn

Someone filmed a tuned E63 blasting past at 206mph from an E-Class convertible doing just 43

Future BMWs Might Have Virtual Wing Mirrors Beamed Onto The Windows

BMW has filed a patent describing a technology that's project the rear view onto a portion of the front windows

Man Leaves Beached BMW In Reverse Then Locks Himself Out

A bizarre video shot in East Hampton, New York shows a 3-series digging itself into the sand with no one behind the wheel

The Production Czinger 21C Will Do 281mph

Californian supercar start-up Czinger has revealed the extensively tweaked production version of its '21C', which comes with some impressive stats

The Toyota GR Supra A91-CF Edition Has Added Carbon Loveliness

Exclusive to the North American market and limited to 600 units, the CF Edition adds various carbon fibre aero pieces to the GR Supra

This Is How The Group B Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally Car Could Have Looked

Newly unearthed artwork shows Mitsubishi’s Audi Quattro and Ford RS200 rival in monochrome splendour

New 1888bhp Rimac Nevera Hits 0-60mph In 1.85 Seconds

Rimac has launched its new electric hypercar, which is said to have a 258mph top speed and a 340-mile range