The 789bhp McLaren Senna Doesn't Give A Damn About Anything Other Than Lap Times

The function-led McLaren Ultimate Series newcomer may not be the most aesthetically-pleasing thing to come out of the MTC, but it's set to be brutally fast

The Bugatti Chiron Has Been Recalled, But It's Not So Bad For The Owners

A faulty seat recliner has led to a worldwide recall of the Chiron, but Bugatti is making life very easy for those affected...

The Mazda MX-5 Z-Sport Wants To Woo You With A Fancy Roof And BBS Wheels

Mazda has revealed the limited-edition Z-Sport, the first current-gen MX-5 to have a coloured roof

Don’t Expect A Convertible Alpine A110 Any Time Soon

Alpine’s managing director has confirmed that further iterations of the A110 will happen, while ruling out a convertible version

Moia Is The Electric Taxi Startup That Uber Has Already Made Redundant

This German startup wants you to forget all about Uber and get on board with its new electric bus-share idea that launches in Hamburg next year

The EU's New Emissions Test Cycle Isn't Doing Car Makers Any Favours

It's good news for consumers because it looks like brand new cars will have more realistic efficiency figures, but for manufacturers the new test cycle makes emissions targets impossible without mass electrification

This BeamNG Drive 'Car Disintegrator' Is Your Daily Slice Of Weird

What happens when you build a large tube on a hill, install a series of fast-swinging hammers halfway and then drive cars down it? Thankfully this is just a video game...

This Might Actually Be The 2018 Ford Mustang Bullitt

The long-rumoured Bullitt version of the current Mustang appears to have been spotted during filming

Ford's Mighty New F-450 Super Duty Truck Can Tow Over 15 Tonnes

If you think that your pickup is tough because it can tow 3.5 tonnes, you might not want to look at the stats for the new Ford F-450 Super Duty truck

The Vauxhall Insignia GSi Is More Expensive Than A Volkswagen Golf R

It may be a very good car and we really do want it to do well, but with the best will in the world the pricing still looks pretty steep...

Surprising Thing Happens At Cars And Coffee Event In Houston

Some showboating outside a cars and coffee event in Houston, Texas led to an embarrassing crash. Who'd have thought?

Don't Expect To See Toyota's New 'Supra' Sports Car In Detroit

Toyota North America's boss has confirmed that its all-new sports car won't be ready for a Detroit debut

Daimler Accused Of Wrecking Rented Tesla Model X During Tear-Down

Daimler rented a privately-owned Model X and then subjected it to a barrage of punishing tests and tear-downs, apparently leaving it a ruin of what it used to be