This Is The Next BMW M2: Expect 400bhp+ And A Big Face

BMW's next-generation M2, expected to retain a turbo inline-six and rear-wheel drive, has been papped undergoing cold weather testing

The £100k Land Rover Defender V8 Is A 518bhp Supercharged Indulgence

The predictable arrival of the fantastically excessive Defender V8 has come a mere week after JLR announced its electrification plans

Behold: The New US Postal Van And Its Giant Windscreen

Defence company Oshkosh has won a contract to build up to 165,000 of these mail vans over the next 10 years

Cherokee Nation Chief Asks Jeep To Stop Using Tribe's Name

Jeep is under pressure to change the names of its Cherokee and Grand Cherokee models

The New 'W206' Mercedes C-Class Is Here With Inline-Fours Only

Mercedes' compact saloon is more mini S-Class than ever before, but it's now exclusively powered by four-pot engines

825kg GMA T.50s Niki Lauda Lands With 725bhp N/A V12 And Mad Aero

The track-only version of the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50s has been fully detailed. It's yours for a mere £3.1 million (plus taxes...)

The Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance Has A Long Name And A 472bhp N/A V8

Exclusive to the North American market, the strangely-named IS F Sport Performance provides a naturally-aspirated foil to the new M3

The Government Will Pay Drivers £3000 Every Year To Ditch Their Cars

A trial in Coventry will involve drivers being handed £3000 in eco transport credits every year so long as they stop driving their own cars

The 385bhp Cupra Formentor VZ5 Is Here To Get Its Five-Pot Warble On

Built to coincide with the three-year anniversary of the Cupra brand as a standalone entity, the LHD-only VZ5 features an inline-five borrowed from Audi

The Morgan Plus 8 GTR Will Be A Motorsport-Inspired V8 Thug

Morgan is reviving the Plus 8 for a "gloves off’ special edition," of which only nine will be built

A Fugitive Is Suing The Police For Destroying His Ferrari 458

A fraudster who fled to Dubai to avoid jail time is suing West Midlands Police for destroying his illegally-repaired 458 Spyder three years ago

Maserati Grecale Appears In Company's Own Deliberately Shonky 'Spy Shots'

Mirroring a weird move also used for the MC20 supercar, the incoming Maserati Grecale SUV has been leaked... by Maserati

VW Can No Longer Be Bothered To Disguise The New Golf R Estate

Since we all know a Golf R wagon is on the way, VW is seemingly happy parading around test mules with no camouflage

Why The McLaren Artura Has The First-Ever Production 120-Degree V6

Intrigued by the Artura's unconventional V6 layout, a first for a road car, we spoke to McLaren's powertrain chief to find out more

It Looks Like A New Land Rover Defender Pick-Up Will Happen

A pick-up version of the new Defender is technically feasible, and there's demand for one, Land Rover reckons