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BMW's Mighty M4-Engined 'M2 CS' Has Been Spotted At The 'Ring

What do you get if you drop an M4 engine into an M2 chassis? Looks like we're all about to find out, if this footage from a recent Nurburgring test is anything to go by

Fiesty Ford Fiesta ST Finally Gets Five Doors

Ford has taken its sweet time about it, but has finally launched a five-door Fiesta ST in the UK in response to public demand - and the layout is here to stay

BMW M1 Procar Looks Good As New After Spectacular Restoration

Someone’s only gone and restored a 1979 BMW M1 Procar and as you’d expect from such an iconic and rare racing machine, it looks downright beautiful

Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris And Rory Reid Are Now Top Gear's Main Presenters

The BBC has confirmed that Matt LeBlanc is staying on as Top Gear host, with Harris and Reid as his main co-stars

Watch The Toyota Supra And BMW Z5 Cousins Hit The 'Ring

The new Supra and its BMW-developed cousin have both been seen undergoing testing at the Nurburgring

This Mustang Split In Two After Slamming Into A Pole

Video footage captures the shocking aftermath of a Ford Mustang crash that was severe enough to split the car in two. Amazingly, the driver is said to have walked away

This Newly Restored Ferrari F40 Burned To The Ground On Its First Drive

Can we all just observe a moment of silence in tribute of this Ferrari F40, which burned to the ground shortly after its maiden drive following a full restoration

Here's How The New Toyota Supra Could Look

Based on spy shots and the FT-1 concept, here's one publication's interpretation of how the new Supra could look

You Can Now Have A Ferrari GTC4Lusso With A Turbo V8 And RWD

Ferrari's grand tourer has become the latest exotic car to be hit with the downsizing trend, but don't worry, you can still buy the V12

This Guy Was So Keen To Exit A Ferry, He Drove Into The Sea

A impatient Lada driver is seen driving up the ramp of a ferry docking in the city of Kerch too soon, plunging into the sea as a result

Owners Are Suing Tesla Because Their 'Insane' P85Ds Are Too Slow

Owners in Norway are suing Tesla because their P85Ds don't produce as much power as advertised

The BMW M2 Could Get A Massive Power Hike Thanks To An M4 Engine Transplant

Information has leaked about an M2 Club Sport which will use the M4's ferocious powertrain

Middle Lane Hogs Are One Of Driving's Biggest Nuisances

Middle lane hogging is now illegal, yet people still do it, completely oblivious to their surroundings. Here's how bad the issue really is...

No, Apple Isn't Going To Take Over McLaren

Apple's supposed bid to take over McLaren is apparently a load of rubbish

These Guys Managed To Hack A Tesla Despite Being 12 Miles Away

A team of Chinese researchers were able to control parts of a Model S, and found it was even possible to interfere with the car from many miles away