The 296bhp Renault Megane RS Trophy Is Here To (Probably) Conquer The 'Ring

Renault Sport's more powerful, more focused Megane is here. Is Honda's front-wheel drive 'Ring record under threat?

Elon Musk Has Apologised After Calling A Hero Cave Diver A 'Pedo'

Risking your life to save a bunch of kids trapped in a flooded cave network is a cool thing to do. Calling that guy a paedophile... not so much. Now Elon Musk has apologised for his 'angry' Tweet

Lamborghini Will Save Its Legendary V12 By Adding Hybrid Tech

Lamborghini has confirmed that the next Aventador will keep its signature V12 layout – but it will have to be some kind of hybrid

The New Toyota Supra Will Get A Four-Cylinder Engine

Toyota’s Chief Engineer for the new Supra has confirmed that a BMW six-pot won’t be the only power option

Firm That Likened Model 3 To 90s Kia Now More Impressed By The Car

Munro and Associates were critical of the Tesla Model 3’s build quality during the early stages of a teardown, but it's not all bad news

This Guy Bought A McLaren 720S And Destroyed It The Next Day

A one-day-old 720S was wrecked by a huge crash in Great Falls, Virginia

R36 GT-R Will Be 'World’s Fastest Brick', Nissan Reckons

Nissan's design boss Alfonso Albaisa has dropped a few hints about the next-generation GT-R

Man Caught Driving Car With No Steering Wheel And Bucket As A Seat

A driver was stopped while driving a battered Peugeot 206, which he was steering with a pair of mole grips...

Elon Musk Calls Thai Cave Rescue Diver A 'Pedo' In Bizarre Outburst, Then Deletes Tweets

The Tesla CEO has prompted outrage by calling Vern Unsworth a "pedo" in an angry series of tweets countering criticism of his "impractical" miniature rescue submarine

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio NRing Is Incredibly Expensive

Alfa has released pricing for the special edition 'NRing' Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio. Are you sitting down?

'Self-Driving' 1965 Mustang Crashes With The Whole World Watching

A supposedly autonomous classic Mustang was all over the place on a Goodwood FoS demonstration run, requiring human intervention several times

Surprise! All-New 'Entry-Level' Noble M500 Unveiled With 550bhp

This is Noble’s new ‘entry-level’ supercar that’ll be easier to drive, but it’ll still have more than 500bhp and a six-figure price-tag…

Behold: The McLaren F1 Longtail-Inspired 'P1 GT'

Lanzante - the company responsible for road-converting P1 GTRs - has made this incredible F1 GT Longtail tribute

Singer Has Revealed An Exquisite Lightweight 911 With A 500bhp Air-Cooled Flat-Six

The results of Singer's Dynamics and Lightweighting Study - produced in collaboration with Williams - are predictably stunning