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The 7 Best Moments From The Frantic United States Grand Prix

The Circuit of the Americas never disappoints when it comes to hosting the United States Grand Prix, and we were treated to another fun and frenetic race. Here were the best bits.

Do You Know If These Circuits Have Hosted Formula 1 Races?

The Formula 1 World Championship has raced at some memorable venues over the years, but it’s also failed to visit some iconic race circuits. Test your track knowledge with our latest F1 quiz!

10 Of The Strangest Front Wing Designs F1 Has Ever Seen

The front wing is arguably the most important aerodynamic element on a Formula 1 car, but some teams have gone for pretty unusual-looking designs in the pursuit for speed and downforce

Lewis Hamilton Will Appear In The New Call Of Duty Game For Some Reason

In an unusual tie-up, reigning Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton has confirmed he will appear in the up-coming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare video game

F1’s Current Engines Sound Way More Varied Than You’d Expect

A lot has been said about the noise level of the current F1 V6 Turbo power unit since it debuted in 2014, but this video shows the engines sound much more different than many would expect

14 Of The Most Spectacular Engine Failures In Motorsport

A race car engine being pushed to the limit will sometimes give up the ghost and when an engine fails, it’s usually pretty dramatic. Here are the most spectacular engine failures we’ve seen in motorsport

8 Ways Hamilton Could Still Win The F1 2016 Championship

Nico Rosberg has done a brilliant job to eke out a 33-point lead in the drivers’ championship with four Formula 1 races still to go, but what are the scenarios in which Lewis Hamilton can claw it back?

Mark Webber Just Announced He’s Retiring From Racing

Super-quick driver, shoey-drinker and all-round nice guy Mark Webber has announced he’s hanging up his racing helmet at the end of the 2016 season

Is This Something Kimi Raikkonen Actually Said, Or Is It Complete BS?

Ferrari F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen is known for not saying much at all, but when he does decide to speak, it’s often hilarious. Put your knowledge of Iceman quotes to the test and see if you can pick out which ones are real and which are fake

Why Japanese Formula 1 Fans Are The Best In The World

Whether it’s fun, thoughtful gifts, eye-catching costumes or the packed grandstands, Japanese F1 fans never disappoint when the series heads to Suzuka…

The 10 Best Moments From The Frantic Japanese Grand Prix

The Japanese Grand Prix is always one of the most popular rounds on the Formula 1 calendar and the Suzuka circuit hosted a pretty enjoyable race. Here were the best moments!

12 Of The Weirdest Radio Messages From F1 2016 So Far

Team radio can sometimes be pretty bland and boring in Formula 1 but this season we’ve heard some absolutely bizarre and hilarious messages