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You've Never Kerbed Your Car As Badly As This 911 Turbo Driver

This Porsche 911 Turbo is seen slamming into a kerb while leaving a car meet

Remind me later

Few noises are as sickening for car lovers as the sound of wheels being chewed up by a kerb. That juddering through the steering wheel is almost always followed by shock, regret, and shame. And then a quick walk-around to assess the damage.

If you’ve recently harmed your rims, though, watching this might make you feel better. A Porsche 911 Turbo driver is seen leaving a car meet in the Netherlands, getting a little greedy with the throttle, and understeering straight into the kerb. They then drive away as though nothing happened. Whether or not the car ended up with suspension damage, we can’t be sure.

Now is the time to cringe...
Now is the time to cringe...

It’s not quite as dramatic as the ridiculous launch-control car meet crash we saw a 991.1 911 driver manage a few months ago, but it’ll still leave you cringing, and cringing hard. And hopefully making you realise that whenever you ding a wheel, it could be worse…