Copen in Assetto Corsa OwO

I downloaded a mod for Assetto Corsa and got a Copen
It is a tuned Copen with 200HP. Its lots of fun, and it does feel realistic to the real thing in terms of the cars balance and behaviour. The power band is slightly different as this one is described to have a bigger RHF5 turbo (RHF3 stock) and the handling is a little different as the mod has wider tires and tuned suspension. But the rest of the car feels like the real thing.
10/10 great mod

One thing I really like about this is, it let’s me explore the limits of my car without any risk. I can experience the things I have experienced in my Copen but take it up a notch in game to get a greater understanding of the car.
I always knew the copen can easily enter oversteer but easily be controlled, but I get to properly try it out in game. It is soooo much fun!
After a few runs, I was purposely Drifting it around corners by tapping the brake to lift the weight from the already feather weight rear, to get big oversteer, and controlling it with minimum countersteer and a tiny bit of throttle to keep it going, then when I’m ready I floor the pedal to get it to straighten out.



Wow, must be a real blast

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Hi remember me!?

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