1954 Fiat Turbina Concept

The Fiat Turbina prototype was officially introduced in Spring 1954 at the time of the Turin Motor Show. Work on this prototype was started in 1948, and in September 1950 the first drawings were made of the layout that had been chosen.

The turbine itself was completed in January 1953 and on April 14th 1954, the car went through its first test track at the Lingotto factory.

The bodywork, a sports two-seat Coupé design was aerodynamically highly efficient. Wind tunnel tests showed the drag coefficient to be about 0,14. The estimated maximum speed of the Fiat Turbina was in the region of 250 Km/H (155 MPH).


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You can still see this car in Turin, at the Museo dell’automobile

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Really? That´s quite cool

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