Capeta: The Award-Winning Manga and Anime About Climbing the Motorsports Ladder

Anime has become more mainstream over the last couple of years, at least it has in the west. It’s increased popularity has spawned an increased interest in a certain genre: sports. When more sports anime began hitting the top charts it left me hoping one day we would get a proper series surrounding motorsports. Little did I know such a series already existed.

Originally serialized in 2003, the manga series ran steadily in Monthly Shonen Magazine from 2003 until its conclusion in 2013. During this time a 52 episode anime was also created, running from 2005 to 2006, by Studio Comet the same anime studio responsible for Initial D. The anime remains incomplete but the manga is fully finished.

The manga has received critical acclaim since its release and has been much loved by a limited number of fans since. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the franchise came in 2005 when the series won the Kodansha Manga Award in the Shonen category. Other critically acclaimed manga to win Kodansha awards include: Wangan Midnight (1999), Fairy Tail (2009), Sailor Moon ( 1993), Attack on Titan (2011), and Akira (1984).

As mentioned in the title as well, there will be no spoilers here. I will give a brief synopsis of the series if you are still interested. If you are reading this far, I guess you are interested in my amateur article. So the series follows a boy named Kappeita “Capeta” Taira who is pushing towards a career as a racing driver. The series itself begins when he is 10 and continues until Capeta is an adult. The series is heavily inspired by Formula 1, karting, and even Initial D at times. It is also known for its technical approach, something those of us more interested in motorsports rather than manga can certainly appreciate. The story also revolves around a budding rivalry Capeta forms with one of his competitors, driving both to push harder.

Personally, I would recommend the manga rather than the anime since the manga is actually finished. It can be difficult to find however due to its unfortunate lack of popularity. I was hoping this article could serve to introduce the series to anyone who is interested in stories about motorsports, and maybe help with finding accessible ways view the franchise. Hopefully this piece leaves you feeling interested.





Sounds good. Is it on kissanime or kametsu?

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kissanime has it

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Bring a Caterham To MARS

Great article!
Would you mind talking about éX-Driver?

04/20/2017 - 23:30 |
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I’m not sure I’ll go beyond this really.

I’m just an amateur writer and did this on a whim because I wanted more publicity for this series.

Maybe though, you never know.

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Roadster / Tail Red

And on my to watch list

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