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#TechTip: Hubcentric vs Lugcentric Wheels

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Wheels: They’re what makes the world go round.

Wheels are one of the most common mods for petrolheads and non-petrolheads alike. Why? They can improve handling, performance, and styling (depending on your taste).

Hubcentric vs Lugcentric

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So what’s the difference between a hubcentric and a lugcentric wheel? Many don’t know, but here’s the easy answer:

Hubcentric wheels have specifically sized center holes which fit perfectly over the hub of the wheel. This allows the wheel to center itself, and it puts the weight load mostly on the hub.

Lugcentric wheels generally have larger center holes that do not fit snugly over the hub. This allows them to fit on a wider variety of cars, and the weight of the car is taken primarily by the lugs of the car. Many aftermarket wheels are this way.

So what does this mean?

This means that if you have lugcentric wheels, you need to be more careful during installation to make sure they’re centering properly on your studs when you tighten them down. Improper installation can lead to vibrations while driving, especially at higher speeds. It’s also important to remember that your weight is being shifted to a less desirable part of the vehicle.

Can I Fix This?

Fear not. There are adapters that will allow you to fill in that gap and will help center your aftermarket wheels on your stock hubs. They’re called hubcentric adapters, and they look a bit like this.

Hubcentric rings
Hubcentric rings

Do you run hubcentric or lugcentric wheels? Comment your answer below!