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This Shocking Camaro Chase Ended With A Hail Of Bullets

The driver of this stolen Camaro carjacked two vehicles and shot at police during one of the most shocking chases you'll ever see. After finally cornering the suspect, police officers unloaded their weapons on the vehicle, killing the driver

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Warning: Although the content of this video is not graphic, it does show the moment officers unload their weapons on the vehicle.

The incredible footage above was captured from the dashcams of several Seattle police vehicles during a shocking chase on 6th December. Police initially responded to reports of a man with a gun in a coffee shop, however when officers showed up the suspect fled out the back of the building and stole a “red Volkswagen” at gunpoint. He then drove to another area of the city, before stealing another car, believed to be the Chevrolet Camaro in the dashcam footage.

During the pursuit, the suspect drove the wrong way along busy streets and fired on officers, who eventually stopped the car by ramming the Chevrolet head-on. With the car’s front end smashed to pieces and airbags deployed, it is surrounded by a number of police with guns drawn. Incredibly, the Camaro is still operational, and reverses onto the pavement. As soon as it begins to move towards the officers, they unload their weapons on the vehicle. 11 officers fired weapons at the Camaro, and all have been placed on paid administrative leave while an investigation takes place.

The suspect, known only as ‘a man in his 30s’, was killed at the scene.

Source: Seattle Times