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This Electric Car Has Just Gone Faster Than Any Production Ferrari Or Lamborghini

Say what you like about the electric car technology race, but nothing can stop the Lucid Motors Air from being ridiculously, outrageously fast

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A prototype electric car has just set a top speed faster than a whole heap of petrol-fuelled supercars.

The Lucid Motors Air has just been tested all the way up to 235mph – faster than the v-max of the LaFerrari, Zenvo ST1 and Lamborghini Veneno – and its makers say it will go faster. The McLaren F1 set a 241mph benchmark; it would be something if the Air could beat that.

This test mule may be stripped bare of any interior gubbins, but there’s no denying the Air is fast. Although the firm has confessed that it doesn’t yet have the money to build a factory to actually put the car into mass production, it’s clearly making solid progress on taking the EV fight to Tesla after removing the 217mph electronic speed limiter.

Lamborghini - This Electric Car Has Just Gone Faster Than Any Production Ferrari Or Lamborghini - News

The company is staying tight-lipped on the transmission details, but we have to expect that there’s an actual gearbox involved here. A single-speeder would never be able to operate properly at low speeds if it was geared high enough to hit 235mph. High-spec Air models will apparently now target a 400-mile range at a gentle cruise. Power output will be a handy 1000bhp.

A factory in Arizona is planned, but 2019 is the earliest that work can start unless more money is quickly poured into the company. When it’s up and running, churning out the Air, entry-level models are expected (hoped) to go on sale for around $60,000. Top-end cars should break the $100,000 barrier.

Via: Jalopnik