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This Dirt Bike-Engined Barbie Car Is All Kinds Of Awesome

Take one pink Mustang Power Wheels car, fit an engine from a dirt bike, and let chaos commence

Remind me later

When you’re a kid, tooling about in a pedal-powered scale model of a real car is great fun, and if you’re lucky enough to have one with an electric motor you’re really ballin’.

However, these guys decided to turn the Barbie car concept up to 11 by fitting an engine from a dirt bike. The result is equal parts sketchy and awesome, and almost certainly only to be driven by those with a death wish.

The video comes courtesy of Grind Hard Plumbing Co on YouTube, and shows the pink Ford Mustang drifting and performing donuts like you’d always dreamed of doing as a kid. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly refined, with almost non-existent steering and brakes that tend to lock up and send you into a skid – the latter leaving the driver mere inches from tumbling down a steep hill and on to some train tracks.

You can check out a time lapse of the build too. It shows the guys taking a go kart frame, fitting the bike engine, then adding the Barbie car panels to the exterior.

Finally, a third video shows just how little regard for their own safety these guys have as they clock over 70mph in this thing. They reckon the 0-60mph time is six seconds, while the quarter-mile came in at 16 seconds. Madness!