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The Suzuki Jimny Is Set To Be Killed Off In Europe

Suzuki will be forced to cull the Jimny from its European range due to incoming emissions rules, although it's expected to return as a commercial vehicle

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Suzuki - The Suzuki Jimny Is Set To Be Killed Off In Europe - News

Suzuki UK hasn’t been especially keen on selling the Jimny. The British intake of the retro-styled off-road workhorse has been deliberately restricted, as its low-powered, 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated inline-four belches out a hilarious 170g/km of C02 in automatic form.

That’s a higher emissions figure than a BMW M340i, to give some context, and the manual isn’t much better - it manages an unimpressive 154g/km. If Suzuki sells too many, it’ll screw up the firm’s average fleet emissions. Now, though, it seems Suzuki will go one step further, by removing it from the European range altogether.

Suzuki - The Suzuki Jimny Is Set To Be Killed Off In Europe - News

Autocar India reported that European dealers have already been instructed to cease taking orders, although given that Jimny demand has so far outstripped supply considerably, there is still a waiting list of cars to work through. Suzuki UK confirmed in a statement that the vehicle will still be on sale this year “in very limited numbers,” although it will be removed from the range at some point next year. The company’s British arm said that it, “will make every effort to ensure delivery to its customers who have already placed an order”.

The move is all do to with incoming EU emissions laws, that will see heavy fines imposed on manufacturers unable to comply with a 95g/km fleet average. In response, Suzuki is moving to a fully electrified range, with all models to feature either a 12-volt or 48-volt mild hybrid system. The Jimny isn’t available with either setup.

Suzuki - The Suzuki Jimny Is Set To Be Killed Off In Europe - News

It’s not all bad news, however. The car will return in a commercial guise, which means it’ll lose the rear seats (which aren’t much good for anyone other than small children anyway), but won’t be covered by the 95g/km rule. Suzuki UK hasn’t been able to confirm or deny if that version will make it here, but we’re crossing our fingers.

Plus, according to Autocar India’s sources, there are plans afoot to reintroduce the Jimny as a normal passenger car at a later date with a more frugal engine.