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The New McDonald's Japan Happy Meal Toy Is A Toyota Supra Tomica Model

Nobuteru Taniguchi, Daigo Saito and a pair of GR Supra drift cars appear in a video promoting the new Tomica 'Happy Set' toy

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The 'Collaboration Video' features 2JZ-powered Supras from Fat Five Racing and HKS

Drifting legends Nobuteru Taniguchi and Daigo Saito have appeared in a smoke-filled video… to promote a new McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. Relevancy? Well, Taniguchi and Saito’s latest drift weapons are 2JZ-converted ‘A90’ GR Supras, and McDonald’s Japan’s new Happy Meal (or ‘Happy Set’ as it translates to in the country) toy is an adorable little Tomica model of the new Toyota sports car.

The Supra will be added to the Tomica line of Happy Set meals from 1 May until the 14th, along with various other models including a Mazda CX-5 police car and - weirdly - a ‘Dinosaur Carrier’ lorry.

Toyota - The New McDonald's Japan Happy Meal Toy Is A Toyota Supra Tomica Model - News

To give you an idea of how cool McDonald’s Japan Happy Set toys are, the current line-up of Tomica models available in the meals - available until 30 April - includes a Nissan GT-R GT500. We’re also rather partial to the ‘Isuzu Gala Tomica 50th Anniversary Wrapping Bus’, complete with a pop-out door.

McDonald’s outlets across Japan remain open amidst the Covid-19 crisis, although an existing suspension of in-store dining at many branches is now being rolled out nationwide. So, the best way to get a Tomica model will be via the drive-through - bonus points if you actually turn up in a Supra.