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The 992 Porsche 911 GT3 Has Been Leaked

Porsche has given us a cheeky glimpse of the upcoming 992 GT3, complete with duck-tail rear spoiler beneath a traditional epic fixed wing

Remind me later

The cheeky monkeys at Porsche have dropped a sneak preview of the next 911 GT3 – hidden in the background of an advert for the Taycan electric sports car.

The 992-era GT3 is officially still under wraps, but Porsche itself has placed an undisguised version into the above commercial that featured during the Super Bowl, admirably placing plenty of focus on past greats, like the 918 Spyder, hunting down an apparently stolen piloted Taycan in a vaguely Fast & Furious-style car chase. Think lots of drifting and some sweet close-quarters exchanges.

Porsche - The 992 Porsche 911 GT3 Has Been Leaked - News

In this zoomed-in crop, we can see the duck-tail spoiler clearly evident below the standard GT3 fixed wing. The rear lights are also too narrow to be the 991’s, even if the style of alloy wheel looks identical to that used on the 991.2 – possibly a bluff to stop people looking any closer.

In the film, which aired during Super Bowl commercials over the weekend, the spicy 992 has a slot on the racking inside the (fantastic) Porsche museum in Stuttgart, next to a classic 911. Sprinkling some Easter egg magic onto the advert has cleverly guaranteed Porsche vastly more column inches than it probably would have got for the Taycan advert alone, however enjoyable it is.

Porsche - The 992 Porsche 911 GT3 Has Been Leaked - News

We spoke to Porsche GB to try to confirm the spot. While the spokesman wouldn’t make any comment relating to the be-winged beauty in the video, he didn’t correct our suggestions, either. We’re sure it’s a 992 – check out the duck-tail spoiler on the disguised test mule, for example. Our spy shots and videos filmed at the Nurburgring are enough to link the car in the advert to the car being dynamically polished before its full reveal later this year.

If it sounds as good as the car in the Nurburgring footage, we’re already in love.

Tip of the cap to Nishant Dash for alerting us.