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The 9000rpm Honda S2000 Is Back... Sort Of

Honda’s parts department has come up with a programme to give the S2000 a new lease of life, potentially testing customer demand for a new model – or so we hope

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Honda - The 9000rpm Honda S2000 Is Back... Sort Of - News

Honda has revealed a new S2000 – or, at least, an old S2000 with a range of parts from a new accessories catalogue. We’re left wondering what the purpose is, and we think you should too.

Officially the S2000 20th Anniversary concept is just that, a concept with a body kit, modern and upgraded suspension, and a new stereo (shame; we liked the original with its cassette deck, all hidden behind a neat flap).

Still beautiful today...
Still beautiful today...

But we feel that Honda Access, the firm’s parts and accessories arm, could just as likely be doing this for commercial reasons. The S2000’s legend exploded shortly after its eventual demise in the late 2000s, predictably after we all realised what we’d lost, and surely there’s money to be made from its upkeep.

We can’t help but wonder whether this concept is testing the water either for formal parts supply, in the vein of Nissan’s sterling efforts to make new parts for old Skylines, or even for consumer appetite for a new version of the modern classic sports car. An electric S2000, perhaps, with a 250-mile range, batteries low in the chassis and, dare we ask, gears?

When Honda stopped selling the S2000, the thrill of chasing 9000rpm, the wonders of VTEC and an incredible driving experience were things we suddenly realised were worth keeping. Owners know what they are; most will maintain them well and keep them alive. With Honda Access’s help that could be a little easier to do.