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Sliding Nissan GT-R Comes Perilously Close To Head-On Smash

This dashcam footage shows the moment an R35 driver slid onto the other side of the road, narrowly missing an oncoming car

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In a dashcam video that’s sure to make you involuntarily clench, an R35 Nissan GT-R is seen having a massive sideways moment on a blind bend. They’re just about able to hold it, but there’s a problem - the camera car, which is driving the other way on this road in Augusta County, Virginia.

Fortunately, the latter driver quickly swerved out of the way and onto a grass verge, narrowly avoiding contact with the wayward Nissan. We’re thinking this can be classed as code brown territory.

On Reddit, the uploader speculated that it was a case of lift-off oversteer since no engine sound was heard just before the car appeared. A 30mph sign can be seen at the start of the video, but the camera car driver reckons the GT-R was doing over 60mph on corner entry. “He probably knew the turn, knew what he was doing, and was intentionally pushing the limits,” he added.

Nissan - Sliding Nissan GT-R Comes Perilously Close To Head-On Smash - Fails

If it was me behind the wheel of the poster’s car, I’d be raging pretty hard, but the cammer mostly seems elated to have caught something on his recording equipment. “Finally something good!” he’s heard exclaiming…

Video via Car Scoops