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Porsche America Is Bizarrely Pretending That The 911 GT2 RS Isn't Official

After a routine follow-up email to confirm some GT2 RS performance statistics that had been reported in a US magazine, Jalopnik got a rather unexpected response...

Remind me later

Porsche has made a bizarre semi-denial of the 911 GT2 RS’s existence, just days after it was revealed as part of a Forza Motorsport 7 launch at E3.

The company’s American wing was asked by Jalopnik to confirm some power and performance statistics published by Automobile Magazine in the US, but rather than simply saying ‘we can’t tell you yet’, the firm apparently made this response:

“Such a model has not been officially announced, and no specs have been confirmed or released. Thus, we can’t comment or participate in speculation about potential future product.”

Porsche - Porsche America Is Bizarrely Pretending That The 911 GT2 RS Isn't Official - News

Potential future product? We’ve seen it! Journalists have ridden in it! We know it exists! This slice of pointless PR nonsense has got us scratching our heads.

The extremely odd side-story comes after After Automobile Magazine’s Georg Kacher, who also works for Car in the UK, published statistics he claims to have been given by Porsche during recent GT2 RS media passenger rides.

The figures claim 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 212mph courtesy of 553lb ft of torque and 700 horsepower, although we’re not crystal clear whether those horses are European metric or of the imperial bhp variety. Either way, it would tally with what’s already been suggested.