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This is so sad. Can we get DMs on this site?



“No, check out our Facebook page, f*ggot.” - The Staff

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I’d rather they not talk about Tesla, given they have proven time and time again they can not write an unbiased article on Musk Or Tesla.

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Mickey Mouse

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I agree with you completely, especially with how they continuously bash the guy and his company. It also makes me think about how people on here (especially writers) can influence others in this vein through their pieces and imply that this is what a “true enthusiast” is, that if you do not hold the exact same values and operate in lockstep with these ideas, then you are not a “true enthusiast.” This is what stifles ideological diversity here when it comes to what people think and like. If you hold an unorthodox automotive opinion, then you’ll be attacked for it.

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Olds Alero

Ol’ Mickey dropping a real truth bomb, right here. I couldn’t care less about the boring, irrelevant “articles” the staff puts out. There’s real car news out there that should be reported on, but all the staff wants to talk about is video games, startups that will never go anywhere, popup headlights, and used cars nobody cares about. Oh, and also any negative news about autonomous cars.

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