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Here's The Moment Richard Hammond Lost Control Of A Rimac Concept One

Scary footage shows the moment Hammond lost control of a Rimac Concept One while filming for The Grand Tour, resulting in a huge crash which thankfully didn't cause him serious injury

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Richard Hammond has thankfully escaped serious injury after being involved in a huge crash while driving a Rimac Concept One on Saturday.

He was taking part in the Hemberg Hill Climb in Switzerland, and a video showing the moment he lost control of the electric hypercar has since emerged.

It looks like the 47-year-old was carrying quite some speed toward a tight bend, before losing the back end under braking. The footage cuts just as the Rimac hits a barrier.

The Grand Tour released a statement confirming that Hammond had been airlifted to hospital following the crash, and had suffered a fractured knee, with no other injuries reported.

The statement said that he was “concious and talking, and climbed out of the car himself before the vehicle burst into flames”.

Speaking about the accident on Twitter, Hammond’s fellow Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson called it “the biggest crash I’ve ever seen,” adding, “thankfully, Richard seems to be mostly OK.”

Rimac has released a statement about the incident, saying:

Rimac Automobili can confirm that the Concept_One, tested by the crew of The Grand Tour against two other supercars in Switzerland this week, was involved in an accident. The filming in Switzerland was ongoing from June 5th and involved various tests – including a hill climb race on June 10th.

Following the accident, the driver – Richard Hammond - was assessed at a local hospital. The Grand Tour team assures he has not suffered any severe injuries.

The Croatian electric supercar builder repeated The Grand Tour’s statement, before signing off with “Rimac Automobili wishes Richard a quick recovery.”