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Here's How Chevrolet's 10.35L, 1000bhp Crate V8 Sounds

We have start-up and bench testing footage of Chevy's monstrous ZZ632/1000 for your ears to enjoy

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Here's How Chevrolet's 10.35L, 1000bhp Crate V8 Sounds - News

A couple of weeks ago Chevrolet released its most bonkers crate engine yet. The ‘ZZ632/1000‘ is so-called because it displaces a whopping 632 cubic inches (which for anyone outside of the US is 10.35 litres) and develops one thousand horsepower. Well, actually a little more - it’s good for 1,004hp, which works out at 990bhp.

The torque figure meanwhile sits at 876lb ft, making it marginally less powerful than Dodge/Mopar’s Hellephant and slightly more powerful. But here’s the thing - unlike the supercharged Hellephant, the ZZ632 makes those figures without using forced induction. Wondering how that sounds? Us too, and now we have two ways to satisfy that curiosity.

The first is a short clip of a pre-production version undergoing a dyno test spinning up to (we assume) its peak power point of 6,600rpm, potentially a little beyond to the 7,000rpm recommended redline. And yes, it sounds superb and suitably muscular.

Sonic delivery method number two comes from a rumbly start-up of a ZZ632 in the engine bay of a third-generation Chevrolet Camaro build the Hoonigan YouTube channel crew is currently putting together. Despite customer deliveries not beginning until 2022, the team was able to get hold of the very first one, providing some juicy publicity for Chevy’s new crate monster.

If you're short on time, the start-up happens just after the 20min mark

The American manufacturer will no doubt be keen to do all it can to convince punters that they want a 632, as the price of entry is high. The suggested retail figure is $37,758, although it is currently sold at a discounted price of $29,499. For that, you’re getting an engine based around the tough iron block from the smaller (but still vast) ZZ572 9.4-litre V8 used by the COPO Camaro, with a bump in both bore and stroke to give the extra capacity.

It has forged aluminium pistons plus a crankshaft and connecting rods made from forged steel. Sitting pretty on top of this beast is a neat CNC-machined inlet manifold. An iron block with forged internals should prove to be very reliable, by Chevy will be taking no chances, putting each 632 sold through 200 simulated dyno drag strip runs.