1996 HKS T-003 Concept RS

Not a lot is known about this concept, other than that it was built by Japanese tuning company HKS in 1996 and that it is based on a first-generation Eunos Roadster (NA6C).

Apparently, the T-003 won the ‘Domestic Production Complete Car’ category at the 1996 Tokyo Exciting Car Show, the forerunner to the more famous Tokyo Auto Salon

It is unknown what kind of engine powered this prototype. It is speculated it could have had an hybrid, or even electric powertrain, altough it is more likely that it actually had simply a turbocharged version of the NA’s normal engine.

It certainly looked very futuristic for its time. It is unknown whether this was meant to be an advanced study into aerodynamics, or if it was HKS’s vision of a sports car of the future instead. There are also rumors that HKS was planning to offer this conversion on customer cars, but nothing came out of it.

That being said, i think this concept looks very clean and futuristic, and i’d love to own one had it entered production. What do you think?



If it had entered production even as a body kit, I think it would still be remembered to this day like the RE-Amemiya kits for the FD. That looks great!

03/08/2021 - 22:00 |
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Myrmeko (#CTSquad)

This is absolutely gorgeous.

03/13/2021 - 20:58 |
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Carguyken 918

Looks like a 959 concept (the headlights)

04/09/2021 - 05:55 |
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