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BMW iX 'Mocks' E66 7-Series Is Baffling CES Advert

This bizarre advert from BMW depicts its iX as a smug youngster and the E66 7-series as a bitter old man, and we're not sure what the message is supposed to be

Remind me later

BMW‘s online marketing strategy continues to confound. Having risked alienating the generation to which the majority of its customer base belongs with that ‘OK boomer’ Tweet and its weirdly aggressive follow-ups, we now have this.

Created for the all-digital 2021 Consumer Electronics Show, it spends much of the 4min 16sec runtime taking a big dump on BMW’s heritage. The video features a ‘conversation’ between the new iX and an E66 7-series, where the former is depicted as youthful and smug, and the latter old and bitter.

The 760Li barks out things like “I have Internet too!” and “marketing bullshit!” Given that one of the iX’s lines is “I provide natural and emotional interaction with a characteristic attractive visualisation,” the old 7er, BMW’s first car to have iDrive, might have a point.

Damn, the E65/66 is look good now!
Damn, the E65/66 is look good now!

Admittedly, after going on about how technically superior it is and how the E66 belongs in a “recycling yard,” the iX does admit “without your iDrive, I wouldn’t even exist”. But still, the video comes across strangely. What’s the message supposed to be here?

Whatever BMW’s intention, our main takeaways are as follows: the iX still looks awful even in low light, and we now want to buy an E65 or E66.