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A Fugitive Is Suing The Police For Destroying His Ferrari 458

A fraudster who fled to Dubai to avoid jail time is suing West Midlands Police for destroying his illegally-repaired 458 Spyder three years ago

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Nearly three years ago, the above video was doing the rounds on social media. If TikTok were a thing back then, it surely would have been shared hundreds of thousands of times with that ‘oh no’ song stuck over the top.

In the absence of any context, it seemed like a heinous act to so callously wreck an example of Ferrari‘s last naturally-aspirated V8 supercar, but after hearing the full story, the 458 Spyder’s destruction was understandable. All these years on, the former owner is trying to sue West Midlands Police for the act. While in another country, having fled the UK to escape a jail sentence. Right.

The man in question is Zahid Khan, a ‘rogue landlord’ who was ordered to carry out 150 hours of community services after illegally forcing tenants out of his property. For some reason, he thought it’d be a great idea to turn up to the appeal hearing at Birmingham Crown Court in an uninsured Ferrari, which he parked on the pavement. Police seized it thinking it was stolen, eventually crushing the car when it transpired the 458 had been illegally repaired after a category B write off.

Khan later found himself convicted of several crimes related to a number plate scam, Birmingham Live reports. In the summer of 2018, he left the UK for Dubai and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in his absence.

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It’s expected that Khan will soon be extradited to the UK. No doubt hoping it’ll help him pay off the £116,319 confiscation order he’ll need to settle to avoid an additional 14 months being slapped on top of his existing sentence, Khan is going ahead with legal action against the police. It’s not his first time doing so, either.
Commenting on the matter, West Midlands Police said:

“Zahid Khan has previously lodged a letter of claim directly with the force which has already been denied. We have now received notification he has issued proceedings before the court, we will respond to the claim via the court process in due course.”