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9 Ways To Explain To Normal People Why You Love Cars

If you struggle to explain your love of cars to the 'sub-humans', then here are nine great explanations to get you started!

Remind me later

I'd ask them a question...

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Suggested by Thug Bird

Me: “Hey, what’s your passion, then?”
Sub-human: “Umm this thing. And I really like it!”
Me: “Likewise, I like my passion like you like your passion, so let’s not downgrade each other, alright? Every man to himself.”

Cars are like people...

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Suggested by Alex Kersten

“Cars are like people. You give them love and they’ll always look after you. You respect them, and they’ll watch your back. But most of all…if you’re willing to work on them yourself, they’ll be your best friend for life.”

I have no idea why...

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Suggested by Lamborghini SV

“To be honest I have no idea why I love cars, I just do.”

Cars are cheaper than cocaine...

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Suggested by Richard Cantillon

“Because cars are cheaper than cocaine and a lot more fun.”

Just because you don't get it...

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Suggested by Ricardo Mercio

“Just because you don’t get it doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense. How often do I question your love for oversized phones and overpriced coffee?”

Because race car

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Suggested by Michael Misieczko

Cars never leave you...

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Suggested by Allegra

“Cars never leave you. And you can always make them change and be better without them giving you issues.”

Step 1: Find turbo RX-7...

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Suggested by Caro F. Doom

Step 1: Find turbo RX-7
Step 2: Warm up engine
Step 3: Rev engine
Step 4: Lift foot off throttle
Step 5: stu

I'd just show them this

Suggested by Peridot