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Autocar joined TVR bosses Les Edgar and John Chasey to hear a racing version of the car's Cosworth-developed V8 fired up for the first time, before witnessing a dyno-simulated run of Circuit de la Sarthe

This Is What The New TVR's V8 Sounds Like

Following on from the recent reveal of the new all-turbo 911 Carrera range, Porsche has given its Targa and Carrera 4 ranges the forced induction treatment

New Turbocharged Porsche 911 Now Available With More Driven Wheels And A Fancy Targa Roof

Spectre: Inside the new James Bond car

James Bond 007 Spectre | car chase through Rome official featurette (2015) Daniel Craig

YouTube / moviemaniacsDE

Warning: There is some strong (NSFW) language within this video, much to the surprise of anyone who would watch it. Judging by how sophisticated and knowledgeable John Cadogan sounds and is, unless you have watched several of his videos, one wouldn’t expect him at all to call some people a bunch of “teutonic motherf@#kers”. But when it comes to addressing an issue of this scale, to quote a comment from Cadogan himself in this video’s comments section, “I don’t think that’s an issue that deserves much restraint.”

Also, if this guy looks familiar to you, there is a good reason for that: He was the same person that made a video of 20 ways to beat the car dealer that Alex (yes, that Alex) shared.

V8 Cummins Turbo Diesel swap on a '73 Plymouth Roadrunner!?

Plymouth Road Runner Diesel Swap & 4x4 Conversion! - Dirt Every Day Ep. 43

YouTube / Motor Trend Channel

How to use Ferrari

Ferrari Gun Fire

YouTube / Philip Thorrold - Extreme Shooting

With the latest Focus RS inbound, Ford has released this brilliant interactive infographic that tells you more about its AWD creation, as well as delving into RS history

Geek Out Over The Ford Focus RS With This Awesome Interactive Infographic