Can A Diesel Volvo V90 Beat An 850 T5 In A Straight Line?

Volvo's performance estate of the 1990s goes up against a V90 D5 in this old vs new drag race

Say Hello To The Polestar 1: A 592bhp Hybrid Coupe With Volvo DNA

Volvo's Polestar division has revealed its first standalone car, which is packing a lot of power and a huge electric-only range

The All-New Volvo XC40 Is An XC90 That Has Shrunk In The Wash

Packed with technology and with a host of Volvo firsts to speak of, the XC40 has picked up the baton from its big brother, the super-refined XC90

Volvo Trucks Just Broke The Record For The World's Largest Unboxing

To facilitate an unboxing of unprecedented scale, Volvo Trucks stuffed its VNL vehicle inside a giant cardboard container

Every All-New Volvo Will Be Hybrid Or Electric From 2019

Volvo has confirmed that it will start turning its back on petrol and diesel from 2019, when the company will move wholesale to electric and hybrid power

Walking Away From A Brutal Bus Impact Makes This Man The Volvo Of Humans

We've never been hit by a fast-moving bus, but we imagine it hurts. That's why this video of a man simply walking away from a colossal impact makes us think he's made out of pure nineties Volvo

It's Official: Polestar Will Build Its Own Performance EVs, Without A Volvo Badge In Sight

Polestar is now a standalone firm, and its electric performance cars will use Volvo architecture but be designed separately

Volvo Beat A 'Ring Lap Record But Kept It Secret For A Year

When a car manufacturer's latest performance vehicle beats a lap record at the Nurburgring, you usually don't hear the end of it, but Volvo kept its Polestar's achievement quiet for 12 months...

Volvo Issues Statement Saying Diesel Isn't Dead... Yet

After comments made by Volvo's CEO to a German newspaper hit the headlines yesterday, Volvo has quickly moved to correct what it feels is a misrepresentation of its position on diesel

Volvo Might Have Permanently Stopped Developing Diesel Engines But It's Not That Simple

In what is historically a huge deal for the automotive industry and car history in general, Volvo, once a giant of diesel propulsion, could be shutting up shop for all diesel engines

Let Volvo Take You Through Its 90 Year History

Volvo has released a video showing every major car from its history, from the ÖV 4 to the newly revealed XC60

Watch A Volvo Truck Tow A Paraglider Up A Mountain Pass

In Volvo Trucks' latest high-profile stunt, a paraglider is towed by an FH lorry up the Dinaric Alps in Croatia

Volvo Will Refuel Your S90 If You're Too Lazy To Do It Yourself

Tired of wasting precious minutes refuelling or dropping your car off for a service? You're in luck, but only if you've bought a high-end Volvo and live in San Francisco