Toyota, Subaru Reportedly Planning A ‘New MR2’ With Up To 300bhp

The idea that Toyota wants to restor its ‘three brothers’ sports car offering has been established for some time, but now there are mid-engined rumours circulating…

The New Toyota Supra’s Nose Has Been Leaked

This is the very first public image of the long-awaited A90 Supra – and Toyota won’t be happy about the fact it has been caught uncovered

The Toyota Supra Has Appeared In Another Racing Teaser

Before the road car’s official – and long, long-awaited – arrival, the Supra is appearing once more as a racer

A Winter-Battling 4WD Toyota Prius Is Coming To The US

Most markets have never seen it but Japan’s four-wheel drive Prius is heading for the US market to add some all-weather practicality to the eco-box

Toyota Delivers Wildfire Hero Nurse's Tundra Replacement

Toyota USA has made good on its promise to replace the charred Tundra of a nurse who used the vehicle to help people escape the devastating Camp Fire

The Toyota Avalon TRD Has Big Brakes And An Even Bigger Grille

Toyota has revealed the specs for the bizarre Avalon TRD, and there are some unexpected dynamic upgrades to tell you about…

Watch James May Unbox A Cardboard-Encased Toyota Yaris GRMN

James May has got hold of a Toyota Yaris GRMN, but it seems to still be in a cardboard box. Why not kick back and unbox it with him?

Toyota Has Added TRD Spice To The Camry And Avalon

Check out these warmed-up saloons from Toyota, displaying an impressively level of aesthetic commitment through body kits, etched exhausts and new interior design

Toyota Is Replacing A Wildfire Hero's Fire-Damaged Truck For Free

Toyota USA has volunteered to replace a nurse's Tundra truck after it was partially melted while shipping numerous people out of the path of California's deadly wildfires

Toyota Wants To Revive The MR2, And It Might End Up Being Electric

The Japanse company is making noises about resurrecting the MR2, but it could end up being a very different car to its predecessors

Embrace Mid-Engined Handling Kicks With A £999 Toyota MR2

The MkIII Toyota MR2 was a joy to drive thanks to rear-wheel drive and a fizzy 1.8-litre engine in the middle, and you can pick one up for three figures

This Nasty Nurburgring Spin Demonstrates The Toyota MR2's Dark Side

With rear-wheel drive and its engine in the middle, the Toyota MR2 can catch even an experienced driver out through corners… and this time it ended badly

Detroit 2019 Toyota Supra Reveal Confirmed As Pre-Orders Open

Toyota has confirmed via Facebook what we've long been suspecting - the A90 Supra will debut at the Detroit Auto Show next January

Toyota Has Developed A Manual Transmission For The Supra

A manual Supra could happen after all, but it all depends on market feedback, a key Supra engineer has said

You Can Bag Toyota's Sublime V12 Century For £12,000

It's super-cool, ultra-luxurious and so 1990 it hurts, and this near-mint Toyota Century has filled us with air-sprung, V12-driven lust