The New Toyota Century Is Here, With Hybrid Power And No V12

Toyota's updated Century has dropped the legendary '1GZ' V12 in favour of a hybrid V8 powertrain, but we still want one badly

Prius-Based EVs Are Incoming From Toyota, Mazda And Denso's New Company

The two major car brands have joined forces with a Japanese automotive electronics specialist, and Prius-based electric cars are on the menu

Watch A Pro Drifter Draw The World's Biggest Toyota 86 Logo... Using Tyres

We take our hat off to Toyota GB for this cheeky little video of a drift champ drawing an '86' logo that can be seen from space... well, almost

A Gazoo Racing Toyota 86 Is Here, Along With A Whole Series Of 'GR' Cars

Toyota has revealed a whole range of GR-branded cars for the Japan, with the upgrades eventually set to expand to other markets

What's The Better Drift Car: A Ford Focus RS Or A Modified Toyota GT86?

This Initial D-inspired GT86 has been specifically modified to be more oversteer prone, so how does it compare to a Ford Focus RS in Drift Mode?

New Supra May Have A Manual Transmission And A Toyota Engine After All

Remember those rumours that suggested the Supra would be automatic only and have BMW engines? Here's a new rumour that contradicts of all that...

Toyota Might Be Cooking Up A Manual Gearbox That Acts Like An Auto

A patent shows that Toyota could be working on a manual transmission that automates certain functions

LED Headlights For '330bhp' Toyota Supra Revealed

The new Supra's light clusters have been revealed, amid speculation that the top model will 'only' have 330bhp

This Race-Spec Toyota 86 Cup Reminds Us That We're Suckers For A Good Livery

It's funny how much of a difference a simple vinyl wrap or graphics set can make to your feelings for that car, and this lightly modified GT86 has reminded us of one reason why we'll always forgive it for not having more power

Toyota And Mazda Could Finally Make Us Want An Electric Car

With news breaking that the two Japanese brands are set to work together on future electric cars, our man thinks this could be the start of electric cars finally combining affordability and desirability

Toyota And Mazda Are Joining Forces On Electric Cars - And A New US Factory

Toyota is about to confirm a deal with Mazda to co-finance a new factory in the USA, as well as developing platform-sharing electric cars for the next decade

It Looks Like The New Toyota Supra Will Be Automatic-Only

In what has to be a big disappointment for people hoping for a manual Supra to get their teeth into, the latest information gleaned from test mules suggests that the Supra won't have a manual option at all

Here's What Happens When You Crash A 1998 Toyota Corolla Into A New One

Safety organisation ANCAP crashed a 1998 Corolla into one from 2015, with both cars travelling at 40mph. As you'd expect, the outcome for the 1998 car was not pretty