The Classic Mini Has Been Remastered With New Engines And Tech

David Brown Automotive has picked the classic Mini as its next project, offering super-rich buyers the chance to own a modernised version of one of history's most iconic cars

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Seat has revealed the all new Ibiza, which is lower, wider and longer than the old one and available with techy goodness

Hell Hath No Fury Like This Rover Mini With A Supercharged Civic Type R Engine

Drive any classic Mini in anger and you really feel like you're earning your next meal, so just imagine what driving one with a mid-mounted 350bhp supercharged 2.0-litre Honda engine must be like. We think 'memorable'

You Can Buy A Mini Electric McLaren P1 And It Even Has Dihedral Doors

McLaren built an all-electric P1, but it's a little smaller than what we had in mind...

The Mini John Cooper Works Challenge Is A Serious Track Car With A Serious Price Tag

Mini has given the JCW a track makeover for this limited-run special, with an LSD, adjustable suspension, bigger brakes and a hefty price

Here's The First Drive Of Mighty Car Mods' Supercharged JDM Mini

After a long and complicated build, MCM's supercharged Mini is finally on the road. One thing is for certain, and that's that the JDM Mini provides many smiles per gallon!

Petrolhead Dad Receives Awesome Car Parts For His Birthday! His Reaction Is Guaranteed To Hit You Right In The Feels

For his dad's birthday, son Frank installed an Armytrix exhaust and KW coilovers on his dad's awesome little Mini Cooper R56 without telling him. Needless to say, his dad's reaction when he starts the Mini up is priceless...

Part 1 Of MCM's Classic Mini Supercharger Install Has Landed

In the first part of MCM's classic Mini supercharger install, Marty heads to London to speak a guy who makes "mad" Mini superchargers. Then, it's time for a dyno test...

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Moog's bought a JDM Mini Cooper - in this video he walks around the car and talks modifications

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Mini Will Battle The MX-5 With A BMW i8-Inspired Four-Wheel Drive Hybrid

A production version of last year's Mini Superlegerra concept has been 'confirmed', and it's expected to be offered in 4WD hybrid and FWD forms

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From drifting to parallel parking and all sorts in between, these world records are absolutely incredible

Here's What Happens When A Speeding Jet-Powered Mini Tries To Take a Corner

A jet-powered Mini was on track during a Time Attack event at Snetterton Circuit when it went off negotiating a tight corner in damp conditions. The car ended up smashing through a crash barrier

Does Having An Automatic Gearbox Always Suck?

After spending time in a lot of modern automatics recently - including our DSG-equipped Skoda Octavia vRS - I've been thinking: are there times when ditching a manual isn't so bad?

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We've been scouring the Car Throttle Garage for some awesome modified cars, and came across this wicked 1993 Rover Mini Tahiti... with a B18C Honda engine