Praga, The Czech Carmaker You’ve Never Heard Of, Is Releasing A Hypercar

Praga is known for its aeroplanes, trucks and a sole production sports car, but will now release an upcoming hypercar.

KTM X-Bow GT-XR Uses The World’s Most Powerful Inline-Five

Audi’s legendary inline five-cylinder makes its way into KTM’s greatest X-Bow yet

The KTM X-Bow GTX Is A 600bhp GT2 Racer With An Audi Five-Pot

KTM's latest racer uses Audi's 2.5-litre inline-five turbo engine and is eligible for the FIA's new GT2 class

Watch 3 Scumbags Brazenly Steal A KTM Bike In Broad Daylight

On a sunny day in London this week, three scumbags brazenly stole a KTM 990 in broad daylight by forcing locks and wheeling the bike down the road. What's more, they did it in front of a crowd of dumbfounded onlookers...

This Last Lap In British Superbikes Was All Kinds Of Crazy

Peter Hickman and Shane "Shakey" Byrne were involved in a brilliant battle during the closing stages of the second British Superbike race at Silverstone last weekend and it all ended with a dramatic run to the chequered flag!

The Biker Who Rode For His Life Has Just Uploaded This Shocking 'How It Started' Video

Last night, we brought you shocking scenes of a biker who had to ride for his life. How it all started remained unclear, but now we can see that the driver was at fault!

This Biker Rides For His Life After A Lunatic Driver Tries To Ram Him Off

We don't know much about the events leading up to this video, but whatever went on between this pair of motorists seems to have flicked a 'must destroy' switch on in the car driver's head

Young Biker Wearing Jeans Panics At The Sight Of A Cop And Crashes Right In Front Of Him

When a 19-year-old motorbike rider sees the California Highway Patrol coming in the other direction, he loses focus mid-corner and lowsides his bike. The impact looks pretty hard and his jeans are instantly shredded!

Ducati MotoGP Rider Takes Out Team Mate At The Final Corner

The MotoGP race in Argentina ended in drama when the two Ducati MotoGP riders collided at the final corner on the last lap, while running second and third!

Not Even A High-Speed Crash Will Stop This Moto3 Racer From Finishing

Moto3 rider Adam Norrodin was running second in Argentina when he fell at the final corner on the last lap. Instead of giving up, however, he got right back up and pushed his bike across the line like a hero to finish 11th