Why Is Ford Resurrecting The Defunct Puma Name On A Crossover?

If it makes no difference to new buyers but the enthusiasts who bought or loved the original are going to be mad as hell, why reuse a name that doesn't suit?

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Ford has revealed that the Focus-based Mach I EV crossover will be able to travel up to 600km on a single charge

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Ford has capped the top speed of its mega Mustang to 180mph, because its ability on the track is more important than bragging rights about speeds you'll never reach anyway

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Hennessey Won't Put A V8 In The Ford GT, Because It's Not Possible

John Hennessey has ruled out a V8 swap for the GT because there simply isn't space in the V6-powered supercar

The Shelby GR-1 Is At Last Going Into Production, But Ford Isn't Building It

Superperformance will build the GR-1 under license from Ford itself, and there'll even be an electric version

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An exceptionally rare GT40 Roadster with racing history will go under the hammer this month, and it might break the GT40 auction record

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It’s a controversial topic for any car-loving American, but there are two sides to the argument. Here are the arguments in favour of a four-door premium Mustang – and not