John Cena Is Fighting Back Against Ford's 'No Resale' Lawsuit

Wrestling star John Cena has at last responded to Ford's legal action after he sold his Ford GT just two weeks after receiving it, and he says he's done nothing wrong

The £40,000 Heritage Edition Is Ford's Fond Farewell To The Focus RS

Production of the Focus RS is ending at last, but not before Ford has celebrated its best hot hatch of this century with a super-limited-edition run of cars badged Heritage Edition

Rejoice, America, For You Can Now Buy A Lego 1968 Ford Mustang

Ford and Lego have confirmed the latest kit in their collaboration, and it's a 1968 Mustang fastback racer. You know you want it, and it's less than $15

The New Ford Ranger Raptor Is Powered By A 2.0 Diesel Engine

Ford has given the Ranger pick-up the Raptor treatment, but not everyone will be happy about the choice of powerplant...

The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Is Faster Than A Ford GT At VIR

The Corvette ZR1 is now the fastest production car to have ever lapped Virginia International Raceway

Ford Is Planning Automated Police Cars And Skynet Is Coming For Us

The once-laughable dystopian future envisaged in James Cameron's The Terminator is creeping ever closer, with Ford's plans to put unprecedented power in the hands of machines

This Mustang-Bodied Mazda Miata Is A Whole Heap Of Questions

This bizarre creation is based on a 1997 Miata, but wears a body built to mimic a 1965 Ford Mustang… and we really don’t know why

This Right-Hand Drive F-150 Raptor Is A UK First... But Costs £108,000

While British roads are far too small for the F-150 Raptor to make sense, a specialist car dealer in London has developed a right-hand drive conversion anyway...

Watch Eight Fast Fords Do Battle In A Staggered One-Lap Race

From the F-150 Raptor to the race-ready GT, eight fast Fords take to the track in a staggered-start race over one lap of a sun-baked Spanish circuit

The World's Coolest Taxi Driver Has A Ford Focus RS As His Work Wheels

Over 18 months, Norwegian taxi driver Evald Jåstad has clocked nearly 80,000 miles in his Focus RS

Here's How Ford Is Fixing The Head Gasket Issue On The Focus RS

Ford has now issued a recall notice for the Focus RS, with all owners getting at least a new gasket and potentially a new cylinder head too

A Ford Dealer Will Sell You An 800bhp 2018 Mustang For $52k

Lebanon Ford in Ohio is back with another monstrously powerful yet amazingly affordable Mustang

Ford And Dodge Are Secret Best Friends, And Here’s Why

On the face of it Ford and Dodge are enemies; two sharks competing to survive in a shrinking sea, but in truth they'd be lost without each other

Ford Is Bringing Back The Mach 1 Name For An Electric SUV

The legendary Mach 1 name is returning to the Ford stable, but not in a way you might have expected...