Half Naked Ford Mustang Mach E Prototype Shreds Rubber In Weird, Probably Staged Video

In a video that has more than a whiff of PR about it, a wild Mustang Mach E prototype can be seen hooning around

Ford Focus Driver Issued Speeding Fine For Supposedly Doing 436mph

A speed camera glitch resulted in a driver in Italy being sent a fine for apparently travelling at 703kmh in a 70 zone

Take A Look Inside The New Ford Bronco

The interior of the full-size Bronco has been caught on camera, showing a very different cabin to the smaller Bronco Sport's

America's Ford Ranger Raptor Will Get A Turbocharged Petrol V6

No weedy diesel inline-four in the US-spec Ranger Raptor - it'll be getting a meatier 2.7-litre V6, while Australia-destined vehicles with an optional V6 diesel

Mansory Has Modified The Ford GT And There's A Lot Going On

The 'Le Mansory' takes the already attention-grabbing GT and turns into something predictably decisive

The New Automatic Ford Focus ST Is Slower Than The Manual

The self-shifting version of the Focus ST is that a rare modern auto that's actually slower than its modern counterpart to 62mph

Ford Reveals Early Design Sketches For The GT40

Ford's archivists found some very early sketches for the GT40, showing a radically different vehicle to the one that was put into production

Here's The Ford Puma ST Making Throaty Three-Pot Noises At The 'Ring

The Fiesta ST-related Puma ST has been spotted at the Nurburgring churning out a respectable soundtrack

The New Ford Mustang Mach 1 Will Be A 5.0 Budget GT350

A few days on from Ford confirming the car's existence, the Mach 1 has again been spotted undergoing testing

How The Ford Escort RS Cosworth Almost Got A Triple-Decker Wing

Escort Cosworth co-designer Frank Stephenson talks about the design influence behind the car's wild rear wing, and how it was almost even more bonkers

The New Ford Ranger Thunder Has A Raptor Engine

Ford has put the Ranger Raptor's twin-turbo diesel engine into the limited edition Thunder

The New 1400bhp, All-Electric Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Will Run An 8sec Quarter

The latest version of the Mustang Cobra Jet is all-electric and astonishingly powerful