A Ford Dealer Will Sell You A 542bhp Mustang Ecoboost For Just $32,995

Lebanon Ford is back with another stupidly cheap, stupidly fast Mustang, this time with a massively modified 2.3-litre Ecoboost

Ford Is Planning A Major Electric Car Assault On China

Ford is trying to get ahead of the curve in the vast Chinese car market, targeting a full range of hybrids and electric cars by 2025

The 2018 Ford Mustang's Pulsating Start Button Matches A Real Mustang's Heart Rate

Ford has revealed the new push button starter for the Mustang, which pulsates to the time of an actual Mustang's resting heart rate

Watch A Massively-Modified Ford GT Hit An Astonishing 293mph

At the recent Texas Mile event, this Ford GT nudged 300mph as it set a standing mile world record

Shelby GT350 Mustang Owners Sue Ford Over Track-Day Overheating

Ford enthusiasts in America have reported numerous cases of track-day overheating, and now a law firm is taking their complaints straight to Ford

A Tuner Has Put Actual Mustang Hair In A Ford Mustang And We're Not Sure How To Feel

Vilner Beijing has created a one-off Mustang with leather made from horse hide, complete with horse hair...

The Ford Focus RS Laughs In The Face Of 80-Year-Old Icelandic Snowfall Records

Most cars would be stranded by a few feet of snow on the ground, but not the Focus RS, which, as it turns out, makes rather a good snow plough

Say Hello To The New Three-Cylinder Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has revealed the ST version of the new Fiesta, and it's packing a 197bhp 1.5-litre inline-three-cylinder engine

Feast Your Eyes On This Near-Immaculate MkI Ford AVO Escort RS2000

Owned by Ford enthusiasts all its life, this rare and highly sought-after old Escort looks none the worse for its 43 years of service... at an average of just 517 miles travelled per year

Now's Your Chance To Buy Jenson Button's Old Ford GT

The McLaren driver's old Ford GT will be going under the hammer later this month

Ford Mustang Records Shock Two-Star Euro NCAP Safety Score

As Euro NCAP catches up with tests on models it has so far missed out, the Mustang has thrown up a complete surprise with the lowest score from a mainstream car maker in nine years

We Finally Know How Much Power The 2017 Ford GT Makes

Spoiler: it's a lot. Ford has confirmed the car's thus far elusive performance stats in a tweet this morning, and the Interweb has gone crazy