Spielberg-Directed Bullitt Remake On The Way Starring Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper has been announced as the lead role in a remake of the classic Bullitt film

New Upgrade Can Make Your Ford Mustang Mach E Sound Like A V8 Camaro

Aftermarket exhaust manufacturer Borla showcased its EV V8 sound upgrade for the Mustang Mach E at SEMA 2022

Ford Shares Emotional Tribute To Soon-Dead Ford Fiesta – We’re Not Crying, Promise

Ford shares an emotional video after confirming the death of the UK’s best selling car ever, the Ford Fiesta, by June 2023.

New Ford Mustang Will Be “Much More Difficult” To Tune For This Reason

The Mustang’s Chief Engineer has bad news for third-party tuners, as the car could be almost impossible to tune

Ford Focus ST Track Pack Aims At The Civic Type R With Adjustable Suspension And Bigger Brakes

Ford has released a factory-fit optional Track Pack with upgrades to the standard Focus ST

Awkward: Ford Having To Debadge Cars As It Runs Out Of Its Own Badges

The American car maker can’t get its hands on enough Blue Oval logos, bringing a halt to deliveries

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Not long after the 2024 Ford Mustang’s big reveal, we found out about six new pony car racers

New Ford Mustang Drops With Remote Revving And 500bhp Dark Horse Version

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Shelby GT500 ‘Code Red’ Costs Over $200,000 – Car Not Included

Shelby American has unveiled its latest 1300bhp limited edition GT500, which it recommends you only drive in a straight line…

The Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Is A Cool Retro-Inspired SUV

The new Bronco Heritage Edition features colourways that commemorate the original 1966 Bronco

Two Classic American Cars Stolen In The UK Allegedly Used As Banger Racing Cars

Thieves stole a 1985 Ford LTD Country Squire and 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix. Not long after, matching vehicles turned up at a UK-based Demolition Derby

Ringbrothers’ 1964 Ford Mustang Restomod Is A One-Off Roofless Masterpiece

Ringbrothers’ Mustang convertible looks pretty stock, but everything except the centre caps has been remade and updated

What's A Twin-Turbo Cummins Diesel Engine Doing In A Ford Mustang?

The diesel-powered ‘Smoke-Stang’ is a controversial way to modify a Mustang, that’s for sure

The Ford F-150 Raptor R Has The 690bhp V8 Heart From A Shelby GT500

Ford takes on the Ram TRX by stuffing a monstrous 690bhp V8 engine in an F-150