The Le Mans GTE-AM-Winning Ford GT Has Been Disqualified

After an initial time penalty, Keating Motorsport's Ford GT was finally disqualified for minor rule infringements

Here’s The First Trailer For Ford V. Ferrari, 2019’s Essential Car Movie

Our first look has arrived of the promising movie based around Ford’s determination to beat Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans 24-hour race, so it’s time for your early opinions

The Ford GT Will Use These Amazing Retro Liveries At Le Mans

Ford is referencing its GT and GT40 Le Mans victories of the past with these stunning liveries

Here’s Our First Look At The All-New Ford Focus ST Wagon

Ford has dropped the first pictures of the new Focus ST estate, and it’s charismatically named the Wagon

Ford Tuner Mountune Can Now Boost The Golf GTI To 306bhp

Mountune, best known for its work making fast Fords even faster, is now working with Volkswagens in a new joint venture with VW styling specialist fifteen52

The New Ford Focus ST Is Almost £1000 Cheaper Than A Golf GTI

We’ve speculated that the tech-filled Focus ST would be more expensive than it could have been, but it still undercuts its main rival…

Ford To Use Rivian's EV Architecture Following $500M Cash Injection

Ford has invested half a billion dollars in the American electric vehicle startup, forging a new technical partnership

Why Is Ford Resurrecting The Defunct Puma Name On A Crossover?

If it makes no difference to new buyers but the enthusiasts who bought or loved the original are going to be mad as hell, why reuse a name that doesn't suit?

The 'Mustang-Inspired' Ford Mach 1 EV Will Have A 370-Mile Range

Ford has revealed that the Focus-based Mach I EV crossover will be able to travel up to 600km on a single charge

The Ford Puma Is Coming Back... As A Compact Crossover

A Fiesta-based 'Puma' will soon be joining the Ford stable, but it'll be a crossover rather than a coupe

We're Endurance Racing This 69bhp Ford Ka For Grass Roots Thrills

Alex Kersten and I will be taking on a full season of the all-new EnduroKa series

You Can Cut Your Ford Fiesta ST's 0-60 By Half A Second With An App

Mountune's new tuning package for the Fiesta ST adds 25bhp via an induction kit and a clever phone app

New Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Has A 180mph Top Speed Because Do You Really Need To Go Faster?

Ford has capped the top speed of its mega Mustang to 180mph, because its ability on the track is more important than bragging rights about speeds you'll never reach anyway