Ford And VW Will Join Forces For Future Projects

The two automotive giants are "exploring a strategic alliance" which could lead to future joint ventures

John Cena Has Apologised To Ford And Settled Over GT Sale Lawsuit

The WWE star and Internet meme sensation has reached a settlement with Ford after breaching the GT no-sale clause

The Ford Mustang Bullitt Costs Almost As Much As A BMW M2 Competiton

Weighing in at £47,145, the special-edition Mustang is about £2000 less than the new M2 in the UK. Which would you have?

Here's A 2005 Ford GT You Can Actually Afford

The remnants of a Ford GT are being auctioned off by salvage specialists Copart, and it's not a pretty sight

We Need This Caricatured ‘Rocket Bunny’ Ford Fiesta In Our Lives

This gloriously over-the-top imagining of a Hot Wheels Ford Fiesta, complete with huge rear wing and wheel arch extensions, has gone so far past 'ridiculous' that it's somehow really cool again

The Ford F-150 Raptor Will Use Adaptive Dampers For Better Landings

The 2019 model year version of the Raptor uses clever Fox adaptive dampers to make it even more of a badass off road

Ford Suing Dealer Which Allegedly Bought And Sold John Cena's GT

The case of Cena's Ford GT has a new development, as it transpires the dealer responsible for buying and selling the car is also being sued by the Blue Oval

Is A Ford Fiesta RS Finally On The Way?

According to reports, Ford is cooking up a faster big brother for the already scorching Fiesta ST

This £250,000 Restomod Mustang Is To Ford What Singer 911s Are To Porsche

Rebuilt from the ground up to create a modern product with all the style and class of the original, this new 'restomod' Mustang is everything we want in life

Ford Is Restarting F-150 Production After Flying Tools To England

Ford's mammoth mission to get its truck production back on track involved helping fire-hit supplier Meridian fly a massive production die to England to continue working

This Ford Fiesta Hit A Pothole So Hard It Ripped A Whole Axle Off

We all hit potholes, pretty much every time we drive anywhere these days, but this one was so bad it tore the rear axle off completely

Ford Has Halted F-Series Truck Production After A Major Supplier Fire

Ford has had to halt the line of its most profitable model while a fire-hit supplier restores production of display panel parts

The New Ford Fiesta ST Is An £18,995 Bargain

Pricing has been revealed for Ford’s new hot hatch, and the inline-three-powered pocket rocket looks like ridiculous value for money

Here's A Ford Mustang Suffering Death By Lava

Scary footage shows the moment lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano consumed a Mustang