Red Bull Paint Job But No More Power For Aston Martin V8 And V12 Vantage S Special Editions

The AM-RB 001 hypercar might not be ready for another year or two, but the partnership between Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing is already bearing fruit - at least from the design and personalisation departments...

Aston Martin Reveals Key Details For Outrageous AM-RB 001 Hypercar

Aston has announced the names of the companies it's working with on the Adrian Newey-led AM-RB 001 project, and what each will be providing. Anyone for a 900bhp V12?

Watch The Stig Throw An Aston Martin Vulcan Around The Top Gear Test Track

'StigCam' is back to give us an uninterrupted view of a hot lap of Dunsfold, this time in an Aston Martin Vulcan

The Aston Martin Vanquish S Volante Is V12 Beauty That'll Make Your Ears Happy

Aston Martin has revealed a drop-top 'Volante' version of the new Vanquish S, which will surely be one of the greatest tunnel running cars of our time...

Someone Abandoned An Aston Martin DB4 50 Years Ago And Now It's For Sale

Barn finds are awesome, but it's not often that we see old cars being 'discovered' in the open air among wooded farmland. That's exactly what's happened with this rusty DB4, and now it's for sale with a massive price tag!

The 6 Best Aston Martin S Models Of All Time

Has Aston Martin ever made a bad-looking car (no one mention the Cygnet)? We don't think so, and to mark the first pictures and information of the new Vanquish S we've pulled together the cream of Aston S models

The AMG-Engined Aston Martin V8 Vantage Growls Like A Pissed Off Demon

Aston Martin's next generation Vantage has been spotted testing once again, and its AMG-sourced powerplant certainly delivers in the sound department

An Aston Martin DB11 Volante Is Coming, And It'll Look Like This

To answer media speculation, Aston Martin has released images of a prototype DB11 Volante, confirming that the production version will be here in 2018

These Camo'd Aston Martin DB11s Are Running AMG V8s

Aston Martin's DB11 will soon come with a V8 option courtesy of Mercedes-AMG. Here's your first chance to hear it in action...

Feast Your Eyes Upon The Stunning New Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Volante

After revealing the Vanquish Zagato Coupe earlier this year, Aston Martin has gone one step further by producing a beautiful convertible that will make you wobbly at the knees

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Spitfire 80 Is So British It Hurts

Aston Martin's Q branch has created a limited-run Vantage celebrating 80 years since the first flight of the Supermarine Spitfire. Is this the most British car ever?

Holy Crap This Aston Martin GT12 Is Being Sold At Double The Original List Price

Due to limited production numbers, the few Vantage GT12s on the market at the moment are being sold for bonkers prices. This one's up for twice the original list price!