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Brace Yourself: The £50,000 Non-CSL BMW E46 M3 Has Happened

With low-mileage M3 prices going through the roof lately we thought we'd have a look how non-CSL E46 M3s were getting on, and after this we almost wish we hadn't bothered...

5 Amazing Craigslist Unicorns You Can Buy In The USA Right Now

The guys from The Fast Lane Car having been doing some classifieds trawling, and have come up with five unusual 'unicorns'

This £30k BMW E36 M3 Is Another Sign The Car World's Gone Mad

Yes, someone really is selling an E36 M3 Evolution for almost £30,000. The worst part is, they're not alone...

Someone Turned A Maserati 4200 Into An Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Replica

With the same basic platform and an engine from the same 'family', the 4200 has a a lot in common with the 8C. We advise against turning one into an 8C replica, though...

You Can Buy A 469bhp Mercedes E55 AMG For Under £10k

Want a hot E-Class you don't need a drift mode to slide? The supercharged E55 AMG can be bought for a lot less than you might think

This V8-Engined BMW 330i Has Been Given An Injection Of 'Murica With An LS3 Transplant

Want a fast 3-series that isn't an M3? Get a load of this 6.2-litre V8-engined E46 330i

This Guy Put A 322bhp Saab Turbo Engine Into A Vauxhall Astra Because Why Not

A 2.0-litre turbocharged Saab lump isn't the obvious choice for an engine swap, but then again a mk3 Astra running on steel wheels isn't your usual project car. Points for creativity, here, as we dig up something a bit different from the classifieds

My Weird Want Of The Day Is This Smart Forfour Brabus

With 177bhp and a 0-62mph time of under seven seconds, the old, unloved Smart ForFour Brabus is oddly tempting...

Holy Crap This Aston Martin GT12 Is Being Sold At Double The Original List Price

Due to limited production numbers, the few Vantage GT12s on the market at the moment are being sold for bonkers prices. This one's up for twice the original list price!

Now's Your Rare Chance To Own A Limited Edition Convertible Ferrari

The LaFerrari Spider had already sold out even before being revealed to the public, so we scanned the classifieds for alternatives and uncovered a rare breed with a Top Gear connection!

This Ferrari 308 Replica Is Nearly As Bad As Its Sales Pitch

Ever wanted to own a really, really bad Ferrari replica? Now's your chance...

This Rare Manual V8 Porsche Panamera Is Oddly Tempting

Inspired by the arrival of the new Panamera, we went hunting in the classifieds for used first-gen examples, digging up a very, very rare manual in the process

The Very First Shelby Cobra Is Up For Auction In California This Summer

The original AC Cobra - kept for most of its life by Carroll Shelby himself - could be yours, if you're rather rich