Ford Mustang Number 00002 Is Up For Grabs

The second production Mustang to be given a VIN number - and the 'first' hardtop - will be going under the hammer at Mecum's Indianapolis event in May

A Used Jaguar F-Type Coupe Is The Prettiest Car You Can Buy For Under £40k

The wonders of depreciation mean it's now possible to snag Jaguar's gorgeous F-Type for under £40k

Is It Just Me, Or Is The Porsche Carrera GT Surprisingly Good Value?

With rare rare Porsche values continuing to skyrocket, the Carrera GT looks to be comparatively good value...

This Used Audi RS5 Is An N/A V8 Hero For £26k

New twin-turbo V6 RS5 failing to excite you? Its V8 predecessor is well represented in the classifieds, and not that expensive...

£32k Buys You A V12 TDI Audi Q7 With The Same Torque As A Pagani Huayra

Having tested the new SQ7 recently, we thought we dig out an example of its even torquier predecessor out of the classifieds

This Modified V6 156 Is Frankenstein's Alfa

For some reason, this 2.5-litre 156 has been given the face of a 147, plus some other ill-advised modifications...

The 996 Porsche 911 GT3 Isn't As Expensive As You Might Think

With the 991.2 GT3 revealed in Geneva earlier this week, today's classifieds pick is one of the track friendly Porsche's predecessors

The World's Only Road-Legal Ferrari FXX Is Up For Sale

Only one FXX is known to have been converted for road use, and it's now available for an undisclosed figure...

Now's Your Chance To Buy Jenson Button's Old Ford GT

The McLaren driver's old Ford GT will be going under the hammer later this month

Hell Hath No Fury Like This Rover Mini With A Supercharged Civic Type R Engine

Drive any classic Mini in anger and you really feel like you're earning your next meal, so just imagine what driving one with a mid-mounted 350bhp supercharged 2.0-litre Honda engine must be like. We think 'memorable'

This Tatty 250bhp V6 Saab 9-3 Is Just £1800

The bodywork may have seen better days, but this fast Saab is a serious bargain

You Could Have Bought Richard Hammond's Old Porsche 924 For £7k

The 924 used and distastefully modified by Hammond in an old Top Gear episode was auctioned off at the weekend for a relatively low price

Despite Everything, I Really Want A '939' Alfa Romeo Spider

The Brera-based Alfa Romeo Spider is slow, heavy and not terribly good to drive. But I still want one...