Trackday and Circuit Drivers

Here's Another Fast, New Lotus That's Only Really One Of Those Things

With a little more power, a little less weight and a new lap record around Lotus' Hethel test track, the 3-Eleven 430 is a very rapid 'final evolution' of the track-day special

This Might Just Be The Most Ludicrous Rich People-Only Track Day Ever Held

The Bahrain International Circuit recently played host to one of the most incredible lineups of privately owned cars to ever hit the track, including a Pagani Huayra, McLaren P1 GTR, Maserati MC12, and even single seater race cars to name but a few of the attendees

7 Track Day Cars For Any Budget

Running a car that's suitable for track abuse is the dream for any car guy, and there are tonnes of potential purchases for every budget. Here we outline a few of your options, from sub-£1000 beaters to dedicated single-seater track weapons

The Spins, Crashes And Failed Drift Attempts Of A Typical Hockenheim Track Day

On a typical Touristenfahrten day at Hockenheim, you'll find track day enthusiasts, bikers, and people who just want to make a mess by drifting badly...

Watch 2 Astonishing V8 Heavyweights Do Battle Against The Clock

These two cars feature mighty V8s, AWD and well over 500hp apiece. But which of these heavyweights will cross the line in the quickest time?

Everything You Need To Know About Shifting, Including Rev Matching And Heel And Toe

In this week's episode of Motor Trend's 'The Racing Line', Randy Pobst teaches us everything we need to know about manual shifting. It's well worth watching carefully!

Let Randy Pobst Teach You How To Nail An Overtake

Racing driver Randy Pobst has put together a video detailing exactly how to pass someone on the track, which should make you the boss of the next track day

Big Balls And Skinny Tyres Got This Stock MX-5 Around The 'Ring In Under 9 Minutes

This little MX-5 - dubbed Ring Banana - is a stock track beater that's just clocked an impressive 08:59.9 Nurburgring lap time. All it took was balls of steel and skinny tyres...

Say Hello To The New Toyota 'CT86'

We've teamed up with Ring Garage to make the very first Car Throttle-branded Nurburgring hire car. We call it the 'CT86', and you can drive it whenever you like!

Watch The Ballistic Lotus 3-Eleven Carve Up The Nurburgring At Breakneck Speed

The fastest road car Lotus has ever made comes with a 450bhp supercharged V6 engine, a dry weight comfortably under a tonne, and enough aerodynamics to make a race car jealous

Watch This Kamikaze Audi TT Destroy A BMW E30

An unlucky BMW E30 driver was hit hard on the rear wheel by a kamikaze Audi driver who was never going to make the corner...

Here's More Amazing Footage Of Ford's GT Race Car

Spy footage of Ford's new GT race car circulated the internet yesterday, and now Ford Performance has released its own video: prepare for more glorious noise!

Doing a Sub 8-Minute Lap In Your Leon Cupra DD Takes Balls Of Steel

Resident Nurburgring instructor Dale Lomas recently bought himself a Seat Leon Cupra ST 280 daily driver. Because he's programmed to drive fast, here he is smashing his car around the 'Ring in under eight minutes (BTG)!

This Is What It Takes To Drive A Ratty Old MX-5 Around The 'Ring In 9:21.8

If, like me, you thought that a sub-10 minute lap in a ratty old MX-5 was near impossible, then here's proof that it can be done. All you need is knowledge, commitment, and balls of steel to aid traction!

6 Quick Tips To Make You A Better Track Day Driver

There are countless expensive upgrades that will make your car go faster around a circuit. But the best modification by far will be to your driving style, not the amount of power you've got under the bonnet!