The Porsche Boxster Bergspyder Came Agonisingly Close To Production

Porsche has revealed all about the Boxster Bergspyder - a roof-less, windscreen-less 981 which came closer to production sign-off than you might expect

That Time Mercedes Made A ‘C30 CDI AMG’ With A Diesel Inline-Five

Audi may be making headlines by turning much of its S range over to diesel power, but Mercedes tried something similar 17 years ago

Oldsmobile’s Jetfire Was A World First Turbo Car With A Fatal Flaw

As the big American auto makers battled US consumer desire for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles in the 1960s, Oldsmobile figured out a way to keep its V8s: turbocharging

Remembering The Five-Cylinder Concept That Became The Honda S2000

The S2000 may be famous for its high-revving inline-four engine, but the 'SSM' concept that spawned it had an extra cylinder under the bonnet...

That Time Ford Built An 'Eco' Mondeo ST With A Supercharged LPG V6

The Ford Mondeo ST250 Eco was the Blue Oval's attempt at making a 'green' performance car, but it never went into production

The Chevrolet Firenza Can-Am Is A Tiny Muscle Car With A Z28 Heart

This brilliantly mad, Vauxhall-based homologation special had enough pace to worry Ferraris of its day

The Nissan EXA Sportbak Is The 'Convertible' Shooting Brake You Forgot

The Pulsar NX/EXA had an unusual 'modular' design allowing one car to have multiple body styles, but the setup wasn't without its flaws

The BMW L7 Was A Weird Factory-Stretched E38 Limousine

A forgotten piece of BMW history is this peculiar E38 7-series, which was stretched from the factory

The Mugen Civic Type RR Experimental Was A Carbon-Clad Concept Hero

This concept version of the FD2 Type R took the already very focused Type RR and turned up the volume even more

The Subaru Impreza Gravel Express Laughs In The Face Of Crossovers

One of the lesser known bits of the Subaru Impreza's history, the Gravel Express is a true lifestyle machine that makes modern crossovers look lame

That Time Citroen Tried To Buy Back And Destroy All Its Group B Specials

After failing in WRC with the disastrous BX 4TC, Citroen wanted to rid itself of the aftersales burden of the road-going version...

It's A Shame This Mid-Engined, AWD Sports Car Of The 80s Never Happened

The MG EX-E promised to be fast, pretty and stuffed with technology, but it never progressed from the concept stage