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'Rev Hang' Explained And Why Petrolheads Hate It

Found in many American-spec cars, rev hang can be a nuisance but also has real-world benefits. Here's everything you need to know!

The Ins And Outs Of Engine Timing, And What Happens When It Goes Wrong

The relationship between the moving parts of an engine is engineered to extremely high tolerances, kept in check by very precise engine timing. Here's how it all works

Here's How Launch Control Works

Once consigned to only the most expensive supercars, launch control can now be found even on fairly docile hot hatches. So how do these systems work?

How Do Torque Converters Work?

Ever wondered what an automatic transmission has instead of a clutch? It's called a torque converter, and it does all the hard work for you

9 Images That Show How Much Bigger Cars Are Now

Thanks to things like safety regulations and the consumer's desire for all manner of creature comforts, cars are a lot bigger than they once were

6 Cars That Are Keeping The Supercharger Legacy Alive

Turbocharging has dominated in recent years thanks to the downsizing trend, but some manufacturers have held true to supercharging to fulfil their forced-induction needs

What Do Supercharger Capacity Ratings Actually Mean?

Most of us understand supercharger boost, but what when a capacity is given in litres, what does it actually mean?

The 5 Worst Aspects Of Repairing Rust

Rust repair is about as tedious as working on cars can get, but it could save your car from the crusher

What Are Reverse-Flow Engines?

A change from the usual cross-flow head, this engine configuration has its advantages and drawbacks. Here's how it works

Toyota's New Rally Supercar Is...A RAV4?

Toyota could beat Ford in the Rally America Championship with a sort-of stock RAV4 SUV

This Top Gear Deleted Scene Perfectly Demonstrates Why Keyless Ignition Is Stupid

If you've spent any time with a car that features keyless ignition, you'll understand this struggle perfectly...