Tesla's New Roadster Walks The Line Between Genius And Madness

The new Roadster has fired like one of SpaceX's rockets, out of nowhere and into the world's astonished gaze. It's a flashy and dramatic statement to make, but it could be just another flight of fancy

The Grand Tour Series 2 Could Be The Best Motoring TV Series Ever

The dust has settled after a couple of bits of Grand Tour news. There’s still a lot to wait for but we’ve bought our tickets, boarded the hype train and set off for the horizon

The Everyday Automotive Future Could Be A Slow Back-Seat Ride To Boredom

With Google's spin-off ride-sharing startup Waymo giving journalists a first taste of its vision for the future of everyday travel, the outlook isn't good

Tech Can Wait: If Electric Cars Look Good Enough We'll Buy Them Anyway

With Honda having stolen the show twice with its two latest EV concepts, we have to concede that even with today's tech, electric cars would sell - if only they looked that good

The Digital Dash Is The Only Thing That Infuriates Me About ‘My’ Golf GTI

As the consummate all-rounder, there’s nothing that’s annoying about ‘our’ Golf GTI longtermer. Except for one thing…

Polestar's Subscription Rental Scheme Will Be The First Of Dozens

Polestar might just have pioneered the next big shift in car buying behaviour. Its subscription programme for the Polestar 1 takes advantage of the modern consumer's biggest weakness: convenience

The Latest Internal Combustion Bans Are So Badly Thought Out It's Hilarious

If you asked the councils of Paris and Oxford which end of a horse the cart should go, we're fairly confident they wouldn't have a clue, judging by their ridiculous bum-first bans on internal combustion

Modern Cars Are A Nightmare That Will Soon Haunt Used Car Buyers Everywhere

As cars get stuffed with more and more technology, today's new cars are in danger of becoming all-but worthless as soon as a complex component fails, making the used car market a minefield

Phil Is Back! So What's Next?

After a year MIA, my beloved MX-5 is back in action. So what's next?

The Porsche 911 GT3 Touring Is A Death Knell For Porsche Speculators

It’s a good news week for those of us getting sick and tired of rich car prospectors buying into new limited-edition Porsches only to immediately sell them for a massive profit

The Slow Death Of The Three-Door Hatchback Is Happening, And We're Not Happy

While it's not the biggest issue facing drivers like us right now, the decline of the three-door car has ramifications for the young car enthusiasts of the future

Why The Next Two Months Are The Best For Drivers

Summer is great for driving, but the months that are coming up right now are even better - and here's why

Audi's New Naming Structure Proves Even Car Makers Hate Downsizing

Audi's transparent attempt to divert attention away from the gradual replacement of its six-cylinder engines with less interesting four-cylinder units tells us that even the mighty manufacturers are embarrassed by downsizing

Nearly Destroying A BMW X5 In Namibia Was The Best Car Thing I've Ever Done

Mix stunning scenery and no-holds-barred off-road driving routes with the sort of car rich Londoners pick their kids up from school in, and you get our man's best driving experience ever