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This Car Has Shoes Instead Of Rear Tyres, And It'll Ruin Your Spine

YouTube channel Garage 54 made a pair of custom, donk-sized wheels clad in shoes, and the results are hilarious

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We’ve used words like ‘shoes’ and ‘boots’ to describe tyres many times before, but have you ever wondered what it might be like if you ran a car on actual footwear? We assume not, but just in case, the brilliantly mad Russians at Garage 54 wanted to find out. Did you expect anything less from the people who ran a car on Coke bottles?

For this crazed experiment, the centre sections of two conventional wheels were removed and adorned with a series of metal ‘legs’ to hold the shoes. Each shoe was slipped onto a metal insole, and filled with expanding construction foam to hold them steady.

This Car Has Shoes Instead Of Rear Tyres, And It'll Ruin Your Spine - DIY

The two donk-like rims were attached to the back of Garage 54’s shortened project car, and damn it, they actually worked. But not without some issues: extreme vibrations even at low speeds threatened to shake the car apart, and it didn’t take long for the shoes to start deconstructing. The man behind the experiment did note that he could make another pair of wheels and “roll the tubing” to give the legs a slight curve, which would help the ride. But, that’s just not their style as “we always chose the hard way, always going full ghetto.” Indeed!