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Here's What Happens If You Replace A Tyre With A Bunch Of Coke Bottles

It turns out a tyre can be replaced with some mid-sized Coke bottles and tape! Just don't expect the 'solution' to work for long...

Remind me later

The last time you needed to replace a couple of tyres, we’re guessing you didn’t think “hmmmm, I could save money and replace those with a bunch of coke bottles and some gaffer tape.” But what if you actually did? Would such a leftfield tyre solution work?

Thankfully, someone has found out for us. Specifically, Russian YouTube outfit Garage 54, most recently seen making pistons out of wood. The channel has already tried wrapping a car wheel in empty water bottles and, er, full beer cans, so mid-sized coke bottles seems like the next logical step, I suppose…