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Watch The Mighty Devel Sixty 6x6 Easily Crush Its Drag Strip Rivals

If you're looking for something more or less military grade that can also smash bona fide sports cars on the drag strip, you need a Devel Sixty

Remind me later

Combining weight, many driven wheels and a small planet’s worth of torque is the most devastating route to drag strip greatness. It’s a path trodden here by the mighty, massive Devel Sixty six-wheel military biffabout for the road.

Its acceleration figures have never been published, but in this video we can see it easily smoke a Mercedes-AMG GT S and a high-end AMG G-Wagen. Obviously it has six wheels pulling at the road surface, so wheelspin isn’t likely to cause much trouble, but that moon-buggy-on-steroids exterior is home to a 6.7-litre diesel with all of the turbocharging.

That makes the $450,000 monster good for 720bhp and 738lb ft of torque from extremely low revs. Launch it with the revs in the sweet spot and these are the astonishing results. Plus, no one is ever likely to cut you up, are they?